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Need a bit of feline advice.
As I posted in December-have 2 black cats,male and female, Odin & Loki.
Odin is now coming up to 8-9 months old. We got him as a rescue cat-he was the runt of the litter and his mother stopped feeding him. He was very underweight when we got him and later, a vet estimated he was maybe only 5-6 weeks old when we got him.

Both have been "house cats" so far. Odin has now had his balls cut and both have had all appropriate meds that would make it safe for them to go outside. Neither are actually interested in going outside though. We are happy for Loki (the female) to stay in her realm but we have a few issues with Odin...his fecking shits stink.

We have tried mixing wet food with dry - even just dry food but...he reverts to reral instincts and simply hunts for anything to eat. This often involves swiping food off the kid's plates or getting at any dropped food (we have 3 young kids). Invariably-this upsets his stomach and we are subjected to chem warfare from within one of the two litter trays downstairs.
If I immediately clean out the litter tray and put fresh stuff in-he will "christen it". If I put him outside he just stays by the back door. I dont feel putting him outside will solve anything though as he'll just end up eating all sorts of other crap and shit it out in the house.

Could this be some hangover from him being the runt of the litter-forever seeking food?
They go without nothing.

Its starting to become an issue.
Our younger cats shit stinks because he eats human food. Our older cat doesn't and his shit is normal.
Basically get rid of the 3 young kids and all will be well in your house.
Our old runt, Houdini, often used to eat until he was sick.
During barbecue season he frequently brought home his own tea - a sausage or drumstick, and the one time what appeared to be someone's pet mouse. No shortage of food at any time, so maybe it is characteristic of runts.
Warning: Not an SME.

I’m told cats are grazing animals, they eat when the mood / need grabs them. We had a feral runt who was food obsessed and were advised to put dry food down and keep it topped up and keep fresh water on hand. For a few days he ate himself to a standstill and frequently honked it all up as a result. Gradually he realised that food was going to be available whenever and he slowed down, eventually to the point of it no longer being an issue.

We have 4, all rescues or feral and they get half a sachet of wet food each twice a day, basically as a roll call. It’s not unusual for them to not turn up if they’ve got better things to be doing and also not unusual for them to turn their nose up at it as the variety box we buy has some flavours that each of them don’t seem to like. They get food put down, eat it or leave it as the dogs are happy to oblige once they walk away. If they leave it it’s usual for them to go upstairs and get stuck into the dried food (upstairs away from the dogs).

About the only thing that doesn’t work is water. They much prefer drinking from buckets and odds and sods I’ve left scattered around the garden (or the bathroom sink tap whilst I’m sat on the loo).

As for going outside, just leave the door open and they’ll go when they’re ready. Even our feral who normally disappears for up to a week at a time in summer has been in a lot of late and with the weather lately, who’s the stupid one here?!

The thieving probably needs a bit of discipline. A stern “no” and a finger wagging (from a safe distance). Once they get used to food being available 24/7 they won’t see the need to be opportunistic.

Short version: Cats. They’ll do it when they’re ready.


I've got pictures of BWB in all of those positions on his sofa.
Pics or it didn't happen.

Well, I had to say that one, didn't I?
The springs have gone on one side so it's no good for humans to sit on, once lockdown is over, we're going sofa shopping, then he'll be back on the floor. ;)
You're probably right, I caught the la'al white fecker fast asleep on the good sofa when I got home off duty last night, BCB was curled up on my pillow beside MrsHogg - I went and had an uninterrupted night's sleep in the spare room. ;)

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