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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.


The old lady has discovered the pleasures of blankies


Thats her happy face BTW, she's actually purring
The more I see the more I am convinced that you are really BWB.
Nah!! . . . BWB uses his own, different "User name", when he posting on ARRSE !! ;) .




I'm a bit confused and frankly rather dissappointed, as I thought an oven was meant to be a warm place?

Interesting report on German TV last night, in Hamburg 2 cats have been found to be Covid 19 positive. Their owner died recently of that disease. Cats appear to be all right and are currently in isolation in an animal refuge.
Need a bit of feline advice.
As I posted in December-have 2 black cats,male and female, Odin & Loki.
Odin is now coming up to 8-9 months old. We got him as a rescue cat-he was the runt of the litter and his mother stopped feeding him. He was very underweight when we got him and later, a vet estimated he was maybe only 5-6 weeks old when we got him.

Both have been "house cats" so far. Odin has now had his balls cut and both have had all appropriate meds that would make it safe for them to go outside. Neither are actually interested in going outside though. We are happy for Loki (the female) to stay in her realm but we have a few issues with Odin...his fecking shits stink.

We have tried mixing wet food with dry - even just dry food but...he reverts to feral instincts and simply hunts for anything to eat. This often involves swiping food off the kid's plates or getting at any dropped food (we have 3 young kids). Invariably-this upsets his stomach and we are subjected to chem warfare from within one of the two litter trays downstairs.
If I immediately clean out the litter tray and put fresh stuff in-he will "christen it". If I put him outside he just stays by the back door. I dont feel putting him outside will solve anything though as he'll just end up eating all sorts of other crap and shit it out in the house.

Could this be some hangover from him being the runt of the litter-forever seeking food?
They go without nothing.

Its starting to become an issue.

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