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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

How many cats did the tree yield? Are there different trees for different breeds? Not sure I want Chinese cats.
Chinese cats are not bred for pets but for the table


"Oh and I thought you were another cat sat on my chair"



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BCB is giving me dirty looks as her knee isn't available. :D
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wish I'd taken a photo the other day - I'd been petting next door's Jack Russell, turned to my door and the two cats were sitting there giving me dirty looks :(
Too old and tough - she's nearly 7. ;)

In Tanzania they call them "nguruwe ya guinea"

Once ordering food the waiter, explaining the menu, forgot the ""ya Guinea" part and I thought I was getting a pork dish. Prepared much like an Italian Cacciatore dish. Tastes like chicken but the bones were clearly neither chicken or pork.
OK but I did not reorder the next night.

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