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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

You swine, you beat me to it. Hey Cregg what about starting a new game, we could call it "Boss Hogg Bingo", everytime he posts something which could be read both ways and when he mentions "fat, lazy, idle, food" etc, we call "house", it would be quicker than typing "said the cat". The winner gets a chance to ridicule Boss about that unwanted tortoishell beauty he doesn't want or allow in the house.

Great idea.

You mean that unwanted tortoiseshell beauty he doesn’t want or allow in the house, that seems to be making more and more frequent appearances? Like BWB did.


Some quality entertainment for a Wednesday morning:

One of my favourite YouTube tech channel guys has a kitty.
Fail. Cat didn't even attempt to shove the keyboard off of the arm, let alone do it!


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I'm going through the same thing at the moment, Cleo, our Blue, had a visit to the vet last week. Got weighed and came in at 6.2Kg (13.6Lb), the vet was a bit concerned and said we have to get her weight down to 5.5Kg. This has meant that we've had to change the feeding habits of the other four cats and one of them, Arry, isn't exactly enamoured by this. When I said the vet was a bit concerned, I'm more concerned about when we have to take Munchie (the Calico/Tortoiseshell) in as Cleo is a tad slimmer, I'm betting Munch will weigh in at around 6.5Kg. We don't over feed them, they have a pouch and a half, twice a day with 2 bowls of dry food there all day, we've now taken to weighing out the dry food. Arry is long and slender, probs 5Kg max, Ginge and Wiggles are normal size and look normal weight around 4.5-5Kg.
Well, Catferatu has come through his post op check up with flying colours. He's no regrown his testicles or been suffering from any nasties.

The vengeful furball appears in the perfect image of health.
Catferatu. Brilliant!

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His name is Gizmo, as he looks a bit like a gremlin and goes mental at night. Loves water though.

However, his default setting of "Evil Bastard" led to his nickname of 'Catferatu, Kitten of the Night' :p

Before his castration he was becoming somewhat enamoured out our older cat and it was somewhat disconcertingly Wayne Rooney ish.

That and somewhat comical like Pepe le Pew and the Cat.

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