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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

The future Mrs Jeeves paid a quick visit this evening. I've not seen her since the night she took a nap on the sofa beside me, although I'm sure she's been around.

She spat quite politely at her fiance, he stayed out of paw's reach and escorted her to the cat door at a respectful distance when she left

Another episode in the feline version of Pride and Prejudice!
I was looking through some old photos and found these. From top to bottom\: Furby, Bella and Missy, all very much missed.
Missy 3.jpeg
An update on the deployment cat.

I'm now home on POTL. Currently sat on the sofa reading the paper, drinking a brew and hiding my toes from the cat whilst my girlfriend is still asleep next door. Strange to think that 4 months ago we were hiding him from QMs inspections on base.
The overall bill remains at £3000, or as i recently worked out, the entire sum of 7 month's LSA. Worth it, I'd say.

He is one handsome sausage!!

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds
Fool, he’s biding his time and plotting (not to mention waiting for the pain to subside).
It was quite amusing watching his efforts to live with wearing a cone when he first came home. We've had to take it off for periods of time so he can eat and drink. As his chosen coping method of using the cone as a food/drink plow was carnage
Yes, isn't he gorgeous?
He is! A cousin who lives in my town has three, all beautiful. She adopted them from a shelter in Maine, the same place I got my ginger kitten last year. It was worth the drive.
Mine was not a Coon but shelters give a hard time to people over 70 who adopt kittens as the kittens could outlive you. This shelter was nice.

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