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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

Seen in a park on the Baltic island of Usedom. Now I know that in East Germany they were short of everything, but 30 years after re-unification I would have thought that they could afford real cats, instead of wood models:


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"Onward, my noble steed!"

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It's supposed to be a Headcrab like this:

Though to be fair the Headcat is scarier...
Birds are not the normal prey for cats, unless it's that wild cat sort in Africa. So culling the cats would achieve about 2/3 of 3/4 of the cube root of SFA. The domestic or feral cat can't really come to terms with airborne food.
Culling of cats would probably increase the murder rates.
Children are a bigger problem to the planet and a sexually transmitted disease to boot.


My adoption cat has finally decided to accept me as one of her slaves. She's one of two females born at the stables and although we feed them in return for mousekeeping they have been quite shy.

IMG_4574 copy.JPG

Its taken time for me to be accepted but patience pays off.

IMG_4577 copy 2.JPG

Peek-a-boo! Where are the controls on this humanoid?
How's Jarvis doing?

Well.... the little sod disappeared for hours, then reappeared a couple of hours ago. He seemed a little better, but before I could initiate full cat containment protocols, he gobbled down the bait/bribe I’d put down for him, then jumped through the rapidly closing window, leaving me to look upon his little fluffy trousers* disappearing into the night.

*from behind his back legs look like he’s wearing fluffy trousers. I can’t help it. That’s how they appear to me. Sorry.
from behind his back legs look like he’s wearing fluffy trousers. I can’t help it. That’s how they appear to me. Sorry.

Maximillian often shoots out of the front door to thoroughly sniff and inspect the stairwell as well as to spy on the neighbours who are often quite bemused to hear me shouting "Hoi! Hairy Breeches!" at him.

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds


I do love these biting boards.



Said the cat!

For pity's sake, you're at it now as well.
Hi mate, do you think we might have the wrong type of cat? Every bugger else seems to have talking owners. My Long Haired Colonel talks to the black furry git like he is a small child and the daft sod answers her back. They can appear to have a full blown conversation about din dins, noises and lickle birds in the garden.


Possessing a 10 inch tail a lemur would envy and ears like Kangaroo Jack, Gizmo is well and truly in his element....... Sleeping
Pics or it didn't happen.

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