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Their teeth grow continuously, so if they don't chew things to wear them down they end up unable to eat.
Their teeth grow continuously, so if they don't chew things to wear them down they end up unable to eat.
I did not know that. I guess they should have given Razzle bones or something. Cheaper than body armour.
@supermatelot -

I think that cats and dogs do mourn.
About 11 years ago I had an elderly springer spaniel and a 10yo small white (and rather stupid) cat. The dog seemed to regard the cat as her odd looking puppy and they always slept curled up together.
I was on vacation in Florida and both were at the vets, housed in the same kennel pen. I got a call that Creampuff the cats kidney failure was worse and she had gone blind and was very confused and distressed so I authorized them to put her down. When I came home and got Lizzie the spaniel home she was searching the house non-stop looking for her cat. It was sad to see. It took about 2 months for the cat searches to taper off and stop.
I wrote this on the dog thread before, wherever possible you should let the live animal see the dead animal. In your case you couldnt, but in general you should, otherwise animals just think their friend has disappeared and worry.
Dunno where else to put this:

We had Luna, one of our 2 rabbits had to be put to sleep this morning. She could not stand up today and had suffered lots of weight loss the past week. Vet said she had a tumour that we would not have known about and- surgery of that nature on a rabbit in her then state would likely kill her anyway.

She lived in the hutch out back with Timmy. He knows she has gone. The spot she was last at now has all the bedding & paper ripped away and he's just sat staring at it.
I can see in his eyes he is grieving.

Has anybody here experienced this when they have had 2 rabbits kept together?

We have 2 cats inside the house, Odin and Loki. Odin is only 4 months old and still learning the ways of the cat. Bringing in Timmy to run around isnot really an option.

My 8 year old lad is heartbroken. My daughter, in typical 6 year old fashion has also proudly announced "Well I'm not upset because MY rabbit is still ok".

I've just been out to the hutch and I'm not exagerrating when I say- I could see sadness in his eye/demeanor and it made me feel quite sad.
(We thought Luna was around 2 years old- we got her as a rescue rabbit. The vet has tild us she was probably mayber 4 years older than what we thought). Timmy is rescue also. We think he's 4.
I haven't had to worry about grieving rabbits, I had 4, one was rehomed as it attacked one of the others leaving 3, the old girl died leaving 2. They lived happily for 3 years until the doe developed a mammary tumour and the buck lost the use of his back legs. The kindest thing was to let them both go together. They lived together, died together and were cremated together. :(
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The most angst ridden cat in the western hemisphere has confirmed our suspicions that she is the reincarnation of a Hollywood Diva.

She is currently channelling her inner Greta Garbo.....


"I want to be alone!"
I have been very firmly informed that, should there ever come a new cat into the household, I can't call it Kenny Loggins, or Catty Loggins for that matter.


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