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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

The most angsty cat in the western hemisphere has finally agreed to meet halfway in sorting her issues with crapping on the carpet out. I'm now starting to be able to figure out when she gets frantic so it's a good step on the way to success.

She's still very lonely though and keeps mooching around. Though we give her lots of fussing and care.

Contemplating finding another gentle and friendly cat friend for her. They say kittens are a good option as female cats often mother and look after younger kitties. Have to see if there's any in need of a forever home in the area.

Have you thought that maybe she just doesn’t like your carpet?

Randy Felcher

Cats; right dodgy barstewards.

'On Saturday, August 1, an unnamed cat was caught by jail officials and detained in the high-security Welikada Prison in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This wasn’t an innocent house pet out exploring its surroundings – wrapped around the cat’s neck, nearly two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip were found in a small plastic bag.

'As reported by the MailOnline, the detained cat made its escape from a prison room it was being kept in on Sunday, August 2. There’s been no further comment from the prison regarding the escapee smuggler. The country is currently amid the storm of a major drugs problem; according to local media reports, a number of narcotics detectives have been implicated in selling illegal substances.'

Have you thought that maybe she just doesn’t like your carpet?
Have I ever told the story about the white bathroom mats? Brushing my teeth before commencement of nightly joust with the GF, noticed my feet were wet. "Did you just have a shower?" "No, Heather always pisses those white mats" . I threw the mats out and bought a different colour from Argos. Pissing of mats ceased. GF was outraged that I had thrown them out-wimmin eh?:?
I was sitting in the garden a little while ago, Jeeves was on his favourite bit of flower bed, asleep, when down flies a big, fat wood pigeon and lands not far away. I've never thought of them as the most intelligent of birds, but had not realised that they're suicidally daft.

It spent a little time pecking around the patio, then spied Jeeves and waddled over to investigate. It was just about to try an exploratory peck when Jeeves woke up and, from then it descended into absolute farce,

There were a few seconds when they both stared at each other while it sank it what they were actually seeing, then the pigeon launched itself skyward, closely followed by Jeeves. There wasn't much in it but the pigeon escaped at surprising speed.

Jeeves landed, shook himself off, gave me the filthiest look for laughing and went back to his flower bed where he appears to be sleeping with one eye half open just in case it comes back




He may be warming to the new bed. :D
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That look says, " Sod off with that bloody camera, or I am going to destroy your slippers".
Which is a favourite trick of our Black Furry Git, he pounces on one of them, gets it in a "headlock" with his front paws and then scratches the beejesus out of it with his back legs, stopping occasionally by looking up and waiting to be told off, before resuming the carnage. The episode only stops when we ignore him.

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