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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.


Thought this pic of Ginge, might raise a smile. He is 14 now taken a couple of years ago


It seems I might have acquired a squatter :)

I went upstairs to get something and look who was quite at home on the window sill. I'm surprised he wasn't curled up on the bed.
Ginge 3.JPG
Ginge 2.JPG


IMG_037684 copy.JPG

One of the two new kittens at the stables. We started socialising them at the right stage but now they just run off. They haven't had any trauma but they're still very shy. This one will allow me stroke his back if mum is about but that's it. I'm playing the long game. Just sit next to them and wait until curiosity gets the better of them. The one I was going to adopt hasn't adopted me.


Do you have a cat-flap at all? Or has the cheeky Ginger Ninja discovered the art of lockpicking?

He, like the hedgehogs, comes in through the cat flap. i usually hear him because of the bell, although he's very good at not jingling, hence Ninja.

He must have come in while i was in the shower, otherwise he'd have come past me to get upstairs.
He absolutely hates it!
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Terrible business when a cat doesn't like their bed....


Or perhaps that should be beds :p

In the case of the second one, it was described with sizings that would suit a large cat..... Seems the manufacturer had other ideas and it would comfortably accommodate a fecking Tiger or 4.

Couldn't return it as the mad, angsty bastard loves it

Randy Felcher

Burt, the desert cat who was rescued 10 months ago. He was a timid kitty who hid away and trembled a lot.

Well, it only took a couple of weeks for him to turn into a gregarious, over-confident, destructive a-hole.


Just look at that face. Doesn't he look like an angel? Well he fkg isn't!
I had a day off yesterday so I was going to have a lie in. Burt had different ideas and came into the bedroom and started shouting for me to get up, so he can have his usual hairball treats and head rubs at the appointed time.
I then found out that I had left my tablet in the living room overnight. It has (or had) a very nice fabric covered case. Burt had discovered that it was excellent for sharpening his claws and shredded it.


And just look at those claws - they're like a set of karambit knives - one at each corner. He even sleeps with them deployed.
The couch, dining chairs, and rugs have also suffered and bear his signature.

Anyway, if you're thinking of adopting one of these weirdos, be prepared to say goodbye to all your soft furnishings. Also get some ear plugs - they like to vocalise - and loudly.

Having said all that, he is entertaining: it adds a little excitement to life when I'm at home and I never know when he's going to spring an ambush on me.
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The most angsty cat in the western hemisphere has finally agreed to meet halfway in sorting her issues with crapping on the carpet out. I'm now starting to be able to figure out when she gets frantic so it's a good step on the way to success.

She's still very lonely though and keeps mooching around. Though we give her lots of fussing and care.

Contemplating finding another gentle and friendly cat friend for her. They say kittens are a good option as female cats often mother and look after younger kitties. Have to see if there's any in need of a forever home in the area.

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