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Thanks all for the advice re- RSPCA CatFlu carrying kitten. Have spoken to a few Insurance companies and they have all said proof of annual vaccinations would be required to maintain insurance - so no real issues.

Contacted RSPCA - kitten has been reserved by someone else.

Shall keep looking for another rescue.
Some ancient cat photos here, I've been sorting through the pictures I took while in RAF MPA, Falkland Islands in the 80s. In the COC we had a monster tom cat of unknown pedigree that lived on a diet of compo and various gash odds and ends from the Messes. Kitty's bed is a couple of mail bags, due to the lack of anything else appropriate or inappropriate.
Somewhere I have a few more, there was another cat on West Falkland at the adventurous training centre, it rejoiced in the name of Compo because it was fed on champagne and caviar,
well actually it ate only compo and was so 'kin huge that when it lay on a 10 man compo box it covered the damn thing, it was the feline equivalent of a Sumo wrestler.



Not my kittens altho the ones we recently took in were about the same size
Just thought that some may enjoy this clip

Discovered accidentally, while trying to improve my knowledge of Hebrew I came accross a video clip about animals, the most important one being the King of the World, the cat. What Yaara (the teacher) is saying is:
zeh ha'xatool sheli, this is my cat. Error, silly girl, she should say zeh ha bos sheli*, this is my boss. Incidentally the cat is called Shmucky. Shmucky what kind of a name is that?
Still she could always ditch the mog and adopt me, I'm cheap and easy to run.
*Not edited for mong Hebrew.


This weeks update re the Patio Ferals, Boris and Carrie:
Boris has been diffy for a few days but Carrie has been visiting nightly, on some occasions more than once. On Wednesday she appeared on the patio at 5-ish asking for food, I dropped a sachet onto a plate for her, she ate that and asked for more. After another one and a half sachets she wandered off to next door where she promptly demolished another couple of sachets and then had the temerity to turn up later that night and eat some more.

Concerned that she has worms I contacted our vet but they couldn't help as neither patio cat is registered with them and to register they'd need to physically check both cats over. Yeah, good luck with that - I wouldn't try and get Boris into a cat carrier ever, no sirree!! So, I asked the good folks at the local TNR group, Alley Cats & Kittens, for advice and they are discussing with the Vets4Pets branch which neutered them in the beginning.

Meanwhile, the trail camera set up to monitor Boris and Carrie's nightly visits have video'd numerous comings and goings from the local hedgehog population. We may have 1 or 2 hedgehogs who visit 5+ times a night or 10 hedgehogs - we'll never know. However, a pair of hedgehogs were doing the "dirty dance" for over 30 minutes on Thursday night (apparently it can last up to 2 hours before the dirty deed is done). I suppose there will be the patter of tiny hedgehog feet sometime in the next 2 weeks and we'll have to buy a couple of hedgehog houses.

Last night Boris and Carrie met up on camera for the first time in weeks and they had a lovely moment where she went up to him, trilled at him and appeared to give him a kiss. The big bruiser was obviously very impressed with this as a couple of minutes later he legged it.

Hedgehogs courting.JPG

Carrie & Boris greeting.jpg
One of my neighbours seems to have acquired a wee ginger and white kitten, I watched out the window the other day as it climbed up onto a flower pot in my garden and tried leaping up and swiping at the sparrow population (without success)
I have been going out into the garden when it comes round and sitting on the decking steps and trying to get it to come to me, but no success yet. Maybe I'll try a bit of chicken, but it seems nervous. No idea who it belongs to, but it has a collar so belongs to someone
Random I think, sent by a friend who knows I love big cats as well as domestic slavemasters, and snow leopards in particular

I'll see if I can dig out my archive this weekend. I've got some self-taken Marwell snow leopard shots that might be good enough for the thread!


Fresh Catnip is such ecstasy!


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