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Shit in a box and then completely cover it up.
.......... after abut 2 years on this planet Poppy still hasn't got the hang of covering up her deposits. She shits in the box alright and no matter how long she takes scratching, etc she totally misses the lot - and the box is too small for me to fit into to show her how to do it


I think I've posted videos on this couple before, but just in case, the owner here is Oreo, the slave is Louis Rossman, the man who more than any other has convinced me never to buy an Apple product and expect it to last with his YouTube repair videos. Anyway, I'm having bother deciding which of the two is actually more cat, what with the swatting paw and so on:


FYI. I'm killing the grass and sectioning off part of the back garden to {try} and grow Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and what have you. Pips is checking that everything is in order.
One thing for sure after all this is over the current prices will NOT fall back to what they were before this lockdown.
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