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Poppy update

Finally, after all this time, it looks as though the vet has found the answer to Poppys allergy problems. She visited the vets on Monday, where her dainty little red coat was removed, her stitches removed and given a thorough examination.

All was well and Poppy was prescribed Prednisolone - this was given to her on Monday evening and again this morning and she hasn't licked herself, pulled her fur out nor has she scratched her ears or back at all.

For the first time in ages it looks as though we're getting a cat that works like a cat - ie, sleeps 23 hours a day and for the rest of the time either eats or sits in front of the window watching the birds.

She sees the vets again in two weeks - oh, and Petplan have paid her vets fees, so a bonus all the way round. Here is the little bugger sweet thing this Monday morning prior to visiting the vets:

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excellent :) I agree about petplan - they paid up when my last cat Jasper had diabetes then kidney disease I'll always use them
Probably found a nice hiding place for its carcass where it will decompose very nicely and stink your house out for you.
In my experience they do eat almost all of a mouse. All they seem to leave are the back legs and the tail, joined together by the pelvis, which have so little meat on them they have no perceptible odour.

I never have found a mouse skull. I always wonder if they eat it all. Of course up in rooms on the third floor that I use only for storage there may be a row of little mouse heads that they retained for trophies.
cat puke karen.jpg
Not my pic...

cat feet.jpg
That's a dead ringer for BWB! ;)
I thought about mentioning that, but after I'd posted it.

Also very much like our Sophie (PBUH), except she'd had half her ears removed due to skin cancer.
That's a dead ringer for BWB! ;)
Are you sure, I mean really, REALLY, certain, it is a domestic moggy with which you share your house ?! ;) .
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