Cats eyes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Foitin_Irish, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. I was browsing through and saw an item called cats eyes avaliable.

    "Elasticated helmet band with 2 luminous markers "

    I seen a few pictures of squaddies in Iraq with them on.can someone please explain the reason for this bit of kit?


  2. So you can see the bloke in front on a night patrol.
  3. Ask another silly question but if my mate can see me on a night patrol, what's guna stop some unfriendlies from seeing me and having a shot?
  4. The "eyes" are low luminocity not 400w halogen bulbs.
  5. The fact we are British and therefore the enemy dont see our backs because we dont run away!

    Alternatively, Because the luminosity is so weak that it doesnt show up from more than five feet anyway!
  6. Right, that would make sense, sorry for asking maybe-the-obvious. I only ask because i want to get to know what extra kit is worth investing in as i'm hoping to join a local unit. Thanks for the heads up. lads.
  7. Great bit of kit if you are tail end and in a forrest!!
  8. saw a staff officer female type wearing them, front and back of helmet. she already looked like she had dressed in the dark, topped off with admin daysack with things hanging off left right and chelsea.... made my hour. well it might have... if i wasnt stood there on stag.

    cats eyes are good, they make your helmet (and you) look keen as fcuk! make sure you add the black elasticated top of an nbc boot too. everyone will think you know what you are doing or you should be in charge.
  9. One time going on stag, I caught sight of the blokes we had just taken over from bimbling back to the harbour and goddamn, one had cats eyes that lit up like half of Las Vegas! This was about 20 metres away say, on a dark Sennybridge night with hardly any light out there to reflect back, so maybe it was some duff, or Webtex, cats eyes... So make sure that when you get yours they aren't like this guys, as you don't want to illuminate yourself as if you'd just called for a batteries worth of 105 illum on your loc!

    Easywan careful on the warry-ing up of your lid or before you know it you'll have a net on there... and apparently some Para/airbourney types get a sad on over that :roll: as one of my fellow "hats" who happened to be a bit of a kit monster discovered at phase 2! :lol:

  10. Surley the best place for ranger eyes would be on the bloke at the front ? If somebody is behind the last man and close enough to see them I would suggest you are already fooked.

    Which OTC are you in then Barry ? Do you know my mate Soldier_5 ?
  11. Save money. Use white insulating tape wrapped around the helmet cover elastics - works just as well except in absolute darkness. Cover with black insulating tape when not needed.

    Do the same on parts of your webbing that are normally against your back. If you drop off your daysack (for example) and need to find yours in the dark, it works wonders.

    Similarly, a bit of Tippex on the back of the foresight protectors, in line with the tip of the foresight, if the little green dot on the foresight doesn't work.
  12. I used to have a small white patch sewed on the underside of my jackets collar. Its usually hidden by the collar being folded over as normal. But at night the collar comes up (colder at night see) and the white is visible. Its better than having a cats eyes band as these always seemed to slide off my lid!
  13. Glad someone spotted that
  14. I interpreted Barry-84 to mean 'great bit of kit for the guy in front to have if you're tail end etc...'

  15. I have cats eye's, canoe/dry bags and a few other bits and bobs for sale if anyone's looking - all brand new :D