Catholocism at its finest.

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Nobby Sapper, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Two nuns sat at traffic lights in their car whan a car load of young lads pulls up along side.
    "Oi, get your tits out penguins!" shouts one of the lads.
    The Mother Superior turns to sister Imaculada, "I don't think they know who we are, show them your cross".

    So sister Imaculada winds down her window and shouts, "Fuck off you little wankers, before I rip your bollocks off"!

    A young Catholic girl went into confession and said to the priest, "I'm pregnant".
    The priest askes "How did this happen my child?"
    She replied "I think it was the second coming".
    Shocked by her answer, he asked "what makes you think it was the second coming?"

    The girl told him "because I swallowed the first!"
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  2. How do you circumcise a catholic priest?

    Kiick the alter boy in the back of the head.
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