CATH30,,,,Shes BACK.

Any one remember this lunatic?

Well after the last ARRSE battering she got, she has resurfaced and is at it again. This women really grips my shat :evil: , Weapons free :D

28/02/2008 19:00:23
Re:London - A multicultural hell hole
Wendy as you are well aware Kennett is a public school wunker who took great joy in presiding over a Platoon of Evil and of Racist Bully boys who picked on every vulnerable new recruit fresh from Catterick whom these thugs deemed to be not quite White or British enough.

A school friend was an officer at the time felt bad about the abuse of those young men. He said all they wanted to do was to serve their country, but were prevented from doing so by the racist bully boys. Instead of letting them be the best soldiers they finally left Dover knowing how to abuse and bully.

btw I called this thread racist because they are saying London is hell because it is 'multicultural'. I personally have no problem with Chinese, Asian, African, South American, Iranian, italian or whomsoever wants to come here and earn a decent living. Most immigants work their socks off. I have worked in offcies where the Colombian cleaners arrive at 5am, work till 8am then go on to their day job as cleaners or nannies, and do pub and restaurant work at night.

But the title of the thread is racist. Do you agree Wendy with that? or are you too a National Front supporter? It seems so many are in this forum. Race hate is always wrong, it's a crime, and it destroys lives.

Kennett was in his element in Basra where torture and abuse was rife, especially amongst his bully boy thugs who's abuse of innocent Iraqi civilians made headline news every year since they were stationed there.

I am not saying all Paras were racist abusers and bullies far from it. There are in the majority decent men and women doing a very difficult job. But there was a core group who wergiven a free reign to abuse under Kennett's command and he loked the other way and covered up. Bullies terrorised the new arrivals from Catterick who's only crime was their skin colour or their surname was not white enough for these ignorant thugs.

It's as though they were brushing up on their torture techniques in readiness for Basra. The assaults, the sleep and food deprivartion, beatings, pessing and shetting on beds etc. Name calling while on parade, used for target practise. Enough to destroy the average squaddie.

Brigadier Kennett was in for a big surprise when quite a few of them fought back, took him to court and into the tabloids

He presided over a barracks where evil and bullying were part of everyday life. this destroyed potentional in young squaddies, ruined lives and potentially great careers.

I am however a firm believer that evil comes back to those who do evil to the vulnerable and karma will always return to haunt you.
Just sent that link to our mutual friend, hopefully he'll see it in time before she disappears again so he can flame her!
She was funny. Her pic was tasty. I bet she is really a lorry driver from Stevenage called Keith.
rickshaw-major said:
Who the fcuk is she calling a wunker? :twisted:

What is a wunker?
and do i need any special training to become one?
I dont know about special training but she needs to get some special needs. I posted on there and she gets it taken down when you hit the spot. :lol:
Shes just gone into another rant Jersey to deepcut :roll:
02/03/2008 09:21:50
Re:jersey hell home
The culture of abuse and covering up in endemic in British culture especially where abuse of children and the vulnerable is concerned.

We see it all the time in the Army where abuses are always covered up. When they close ranks, alter documents, intimidate witnesses. It is part and parcel of army life. Abuse and Pedophilia has been rife throghout British history, especially in the private boarding and public schools. Hence we have generations of sick pedophiles in the higher ranks of our instutions such as the military, the judiciary, government. All of whom are experts in the art of manipulating cover ups.

My neighbour fostered children. She noticed an ESN girl who was fearful of her 'key social worker'. The girl had asked repeatedly to have a female social worker yet they denied her this. When my neighbour reported the girl's fears and how this sick man was always turning up to see the child, the social services switched the social worker to another dept, but did not dismiss him. He was free to carry out more abuse. Islington Council shame on you!.

Now we are seeing the intimidation of witnesses in Jersey. I hope that investigators do their best to root out these evil pedophiles and that there is an independent inquiry. We cannot have another Deepcut, where police 'investigations' were carried out behind closed dors and an independent inquiry was denied.

They have to bring in detectives from mainland Britain. Jersey has got away with it's sick culture of pedophile amongst their perverted elite covering up for too long. It is a disgrace.
Golly...she REALLY doesn't like the army does she! Which one of you banged her and left her with the itchies? Come on chaps...time to fess up!!! :D
I will if you want me to. She really is twisted biatch.

On second thoughts I'd run a mile from the mad cow.
we should start a thread about, ooooh i don't know....

'Abuse of gay actors in theatre land', or 'numbers of kittens found in canalsinside plastic bags', and see how long it takes her to bring it round so its the Army's fault :D
bigbird67 said:
Golly...she REALLY doesn't like the army does she! Which one of you banged her and left her with the itchies? Come on chaps...time to fess up!!! :D
If she was in JHQ in 1984, I might have left a penile wart in her...I know it went missing inside some bird during a 52 hr disco.

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