Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mercurydancer, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    May's migrant cat claim

    BBC News - Theresa May under fire over deportation cat claim

    It appears that the Lovely Ms May has tried to start up a cat fight and ended up in the litter tray. She should really have checked her facts... the cat was part of proof that the couple were together. Not quite the same as the cat was the reason why the chap was allowed to stay indefinitely, but there is something a little dodgy about attributing pet ownership to permanent entitlement to stay.

    What is astounding is how rapidly and how nasty the responses were... RCJ hardly waited till the end of happy hour at the Cheshire (Cat) Cheese before issuing a response. Even the fat pussy Ken Clarke catcalled Ms May.

    Certainly the funniest faux paws of the Tory conference.
  2. That's what happens when a cretin tries to play to a gallery filled with yet more cretins.
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  3. What is astounding, is how this comes under the heading of 'news.'

    How boring are these conferences nowadays? How lazy are journos getting?

    Complete and utter shoite.
  4. The fact that some Bolivian illegal immigrant was even able to have the fact he had a cat offered up as 'evidence' to support his claim to stay in the UK is in and of itself part and parcel of the problem.
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  5. Its a very sad day when our senior politicians make tabloid jounalism look well researched and balanced. What an idiot; she must have known this was bollox and would be challenged. She should resign immediately on the grounds of being unfit to run a department of state due to chronic stupidity!
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  6. I so wanted to be there when some apparatchik informed her that another apparatchik had fed her a pack of lies

    I bet it started with ranting full of expletives, a huge does of panic followed by some face-palm and a calmed-down request to apparatchik Nº3 to . . "****ing SORT THIS OUT SO I DONT SEEM A BIGGER **** THAN I ALREADY LOOK!"
  7. That's it. There's gonna be a huge drop in stray pets as every dodgy Dago is going to find yet another reason to 'prove' one thing or another to stay. Battersea will have to close it's doors due to lack of 'customers'

    And for all those dodgy Nigerian and Ugandan's who suddenly 'find' their blatant homosexuality when it comes to deportation, should be forced to a test of weeks of sweaty man-love with a Government licensened group of obese middle-aged bears.
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  8. ****! We should make you King of Everything. Is there no bounds to your knowlege? No job that can keep you off the internet for more than a single minute?
    Are WE all you have?
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Which one of you is Spartacus?
  10. Get a job and buy some soap.
  11. Says Mr 2.3K posts in 6 months. :D
  12. There's only one of me and how many of you?

    Now get a job.
  13. You get sober first.
    There's only one of me, I promise.