Caterpillar Boots


does anyone have tips for cleaning sand coloured caterpillar boots.mine have got minging after a nite out on the town and want to find a way of cleaning them without totally fucking them.


Don't bother. Put them in the bin. They are for the sole use of lesbians to identify each other if its not already obvious.


I’m assuming they are suede rather than leather. You can get a cleaner for them from schuh or however you spell shoe the shoe shop. You just put it on, leave it for a few min then rinse off. Simple and does the job nicely from what I hear.
man custard is legendary in its refusal to come out of suede. I'm sure you'll find handy hints on some gay sites (you'll probably find them in your Favourites list)
the problem with caterpillar boots is that you can't buy just a pair (the amount depends on the caterpillar), and after transformation, you only need three pairs.

You'd probably be better off with centipede or millipese boots.
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