Caterham Barracks


Not sure if this place has been mentioned for a while but I delivered to Anzio Close this afternoon and was thoroughly impressed with the conversion! So much better than Peninsula Bks in Winchester, so much reminded me of the old blocks in Tidworth!
Some bloke called Mr Deputy posted about it and got a few pages. (I dunno who he is. Or owt:eek:) Could search.
Was obviously the Guards Depot and there was an IRA bomb let off in 1975 up the road at the Caterham Arms now Village Inn. As you probably know.

Surrey Constabulary: Part 3: Policing Change: 1951-1975

A very good conversion of the barracks as you rightly say. The barracks were built to a high specification at the time in an attempt to counter public accusations that soldiers faced terrible living conditions, disease etc.
An inspirational place back then I imagine. Even awesome to a few poor young men who got the chance to live there. Still remains an very desireable place. The flats may have thin walls etc etc but a good lay-out and there is still cricket played on the small green/quad of a weekend. Tesco supermarket and modern pub add a modern touch...not great but handy at least.

(Good bike shop over the road by the way. Anyone who lives locally. Did me a few favours re-building a bike.)

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