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Caterers keep fit while supporting RAF operations over Libya

Honestly, somebody somewhere thought that this was worth typing out on a keyboard???

Do the MOD PR flunkies get issued crack cocaine, or do they have to buy it themselves and claim it back on expenses?
"If you're not fit, you can't come onto 3 MCS," said Warrant Officer Dixon. "You have to be fit to deploy. If you're not fit, you'll never do a 12-hour shift in here"

Must be hard work opening cans of beans. Especially in that difficult Theatre of operations........Italy
It seems pretty obvious that this is a wah planted by the Army Board. Now that each Armed Service is fully responsible for its own budget it seems that we have launched a disinformation campaign to prove what a total waste of fuckin' money the RAF is. Wasn't the first phase of this campaign the story about the airman who wasn't getting proper scran, or living in a tent or something? 12 hour shift, fuckin' stag on......


Book Reviewer
E Goat was full of blokes whinging about how crap the hotel was wonder if they've changed their mind.
Now they've a catering Sqn and everything.
Who'd want to eat 4* Italian quisine when the can eat Sausage Roll, Chips and beans prepared by their own crack chefs


Book Reviewer
This had all my lads crowded round the computer. Pissing themselves. Is this a serious article or a joke? Amazing.
War is hell mate they're having to use a car park for a gym.
That kitchen in years to come will be the equivilant of the balcony

"Yeah I used to be in 3 MC let me tell you it was hard you had to be fit no ******* Marines or Paras could stir beans for 12 hours in that heat"
Someone at the MOD really is on drugs. Who actually authorises the release of this drivel? This and the other pointless "announcement" about sending 4 Tornados to do their job has taken the edge off the good news today about the ginger bird and the little twat getting banged up.

I must be getting old, as this shite actually winds me up.


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