Cateran Yomp

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Blade-Runner, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Any one on the forum ever done this before? Doesn't look too bad. The good thing about it, not lugging a rifle, helmet and body armour!!


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  2. The leg through Glenisla is scenic.

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  3. Ineed my eyes testing, I initially saw that as Catering Yomp and thought "yeah right, like you'll get a load of chefs to do that"
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  4. Its does mention slices of cake at the end! ;)
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  5. It's on my wish list.
  6. I'm looking to get a pair of walking poles too. Anything recommended? Did the Cambrian Patrol a few years back and that fecked my joints up a bit as no poles on that for steady descents.
  7. Well worth the investment, IMHO.

  8. Thanks for the link. Very informative. I've never ever considered walking poles in the past. It'll benefit by the look of things.
  9. Tried the Walking poles at the weekend. Good bit of kit and certainly took the strain off the old joints, although my feet didn't fair well during the training tab. I gave my Lowa mountain boots away to a choggie, so the only goretex boots I have are G10 pro boots. Pretty much chewed my feet up and I'm tempted just to do this thing in my desert Lowas as those boots are well broken in and great for tabbing in provided its dry!! Is there any merit in wearing thinner socks inside thicker socks to reduce friction thus reducing the chances of blisters? I've never done this before, but I've come across mixed reviews. To try and keep blisters down, I'm planning on changing my socks regularly and keeping them powdered up.

  10. Always works for me, M&S cashmere socks the item of choice.
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  11. As your thick socks?
  12. Some gash ones from Man at Q&M, probably.
  13. Sitting at home with stiff legs and tender feet. The last 20 miles was tough. Pretty much head down and stared at the ground. Would I do it again? Yes, but would invest in a decent pair of hiking boots!
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  14. A year on. Registered for the yomp 2014 having trained per the Bwian Megathread standard therefore making it harder than it should be. Did a 34 miler last weekend with 2 walking poles for the first time and did not get on with them; have been training with one to assist the old joints on descents which seems to help. At this late stage has anyone any tips on whether ditching the second pole is a good idea?
  15. Personly I would use both. I use Karrimor x lite.
    Cheap and cheerfull.

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