Category 2/3

Just come back from AOSB Briefing with a Cat 2/3 due to phys. Given that they were saying Main Board is taking 3 months to get onto anyway, doesn't that essentially amount to the same thing?

I had a problem with the phys exacerbated by an old injury which they seemed to understand. Can anyone advise on the whole delay issue; does this just mean that I can't bid for any vacan slots sooner than 3 months which theoretically I could have done with a Cat 1?
As far as im aware, the length of time you are given is a minimum amount of time you have to wait before taking your main board. You could book it anytime, as long as when you sit it, the minimum time delay has expired.
The most important thing to ensure is that you wait as long as is needed, after all that is a minimum delay! I got a 2/3 earlier in the year, (while applying for the regs), and personally decided to delay it until i was 110% confident, and joined the TA in the mean time.
You can normally get on a Board about a month after Briefing if you get a Cat 1.

There's always a rush in the summer months because of all the TA people who leave their Main Boards to the last safe moment before July/September.

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