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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by Ghost_Rider, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Categories

    The ARRSEpedia is being re-organised into Categories. To help make it easier to find the information, when creating new pages, please add a category to the page. You can refer to this list to find an appropriate category.

    To add a category, type: [[Category:category name]] at the top of the page. When the page is saved, an entry will be created under the "Articles" on the appropriate Category page.

    To create a link to another page in the Wiki, simply enclose the page name you wish to link to within double square brackets e.g. To link to the "Dictionary" page, type [[dictionary]].

    If you wish to create a link, but use a word/phrase which is different to the page name, type a "pipe" character (normally achieved by pressing Shift and the key to the left of the Z) after the page name, then typing the text you wish to appear e.g. to link to the "Dictionary" page, but using the phrase "Click here for the Dictionary", you would type [[Dictionary|Click here for the Dictionary]]

    If you wish to link to a page which has sub-headings throughout (see the Dictionary page for an example), you can link to a particular section by using a #. For example, to link to the "Dictionary" page, and the letter "S", you would type [[Dictionary#S]]
  2. As the Wiki grows in size, it is becoming harder to pin down each individual page, especially those which have not been categorised. Please, when editing/creating a page, if the page has not been categorised, check the list (by following the link above) and add the page to as many categories as you think is relevant.

    Don't worry if you place a page the wrong category. That is easy for the Mods to fix; Definitely easier than us having to go through 100 pages at a time to categorise them :lol:

  3. Tried to edit "M16" in Wanted Pages. System keeps on telling me to login. I'm already logged-in. V.frustrating.
  4. Are you logged in to the ARRSEpedia? It has a separate login from the main ARRSE site, and therefore to edit pages in the ARRSEpedia you must register and login separately. Of ocurse, we'd prefer you to use the same username on both, but its not essential.