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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by down_under, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Having just been told of the existance of this web site and only really just recently joining I thought I would take this opportunity to try and catch up with some fellas I met in '05. I realise names aren't to be posted, so I won't. I'll go cryptic. I was on Ex LONG LOOK in 05 and was first posted to Para Coy in ITC and then PCAU. I would like to catch up on this or some other forum, including email with any of the fellas that were in these two units back then. Seeing as how there are thousands of members of ARRSE I reckon there would be at least one of yous out there. Feel free to PM me. Oh and if this is the wrong way to go about things then I look forward to a bollocking from the moderators. :thumright:
  2. How come you got 5 medals with only 6 posts ?

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Put your hand in your pocket and you too could have the same, BT!

    Make a donation to Arrse
  4. I made a donation to ARRSE of 5GBP and when you calculate this to Aussie dollars it works out too be around about $1000. It was a surprise to me too until I worked out the exchange rate... do ya wanna borrow a couple Brew_Time???
  5. DU

    G'day mate I guess you are 3RAR then - I did LL92 with you guys - what a brilliant time, treated like the rest of the AJs right from the start including having 2 shat specials thrown down my throat on the first night - never drunk so much in my life!
  6. G'day Coax-on,
    No, I am not 3RAR, I am Australian Line Infantry, however, because noone wanted the trip to England(cos they would not be able to afford it) I said I would take it. Because I was posted to a school,(Singleton), at the time I ended up in ITC with the Paras. And I have gotta say I had the time of my life even though to them I was a Hat. The Platoon SGT that I shadowed was hard as nails and I have all the respect in the world for him. I was only there for one night and taken on the piss to Richmond, what a night. Outfuc****standing. Really was my only exposure to the Paras and I have gotta say they are a top bunch of blokes. P Coy SUCKED THOUGH.
  7. I'd rather earn mine than pay for them.

    BT. :thumright:
  8. Yawn...
  9. did you do it?
  10. I thought I was hard but found out different. All I did was Steeple Chase, Log Run, The speed run for which I can't remember what it's called and that's it. I know I know... f*** all. I wasn't allowed to do the milling and I aaahmm, had something else on when they went for their march up the hill at... I can't even remember what that place is called. Somewhere near New Castle??? Don't get me wrong, I have all the admiration for Para Reg as what I saw they are well hard and deserve their place in the gobbing off ranks. There is probably someone out there that remembers me and is saying right now... f****n pussy. Meow.
  11. Looks like I have made the Para boys dissappear cos I'm not Para Reg myself. Fkn hats... hahahahahahaha
  12. Nah! nor me mate - I think I was sent to 3RAR under the same circumstances as you no one else could make it, so I didn't go on the annual Shoalwater bay exercise cos I couldn't jump - I went on the P*ss instead - much better!
  13. Tired or something ??
  14. Tried that - and it don't seem to work.

    BT. :thumbdown: