Catch up on old fiends...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Taliban Reunited - the one stop place to reunite ... Taliban Reunited is the simple way to find out what your old terrorist chums are up to.

    :applaud: ..never would have thought it.. :bom:

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  2. Why is that in this forum? Shouldn't it be in the NAAFI Bar?
  3. No - why can it not be here? What is our enemy, and why can't a member of the Corps post this here if he or she feels that it may be of interest to us as a corporate body?

    Why is it that you and one or two others think that they can call the shots and deliberate who should post what in here, or who should be ridiculed or targeted?

    Do you consider yourself to be a sub-moderator - sort of an Arrse Prefect, just because you have been accessing the site for longer than others?
  4. Stop being a cock HB. What does this have to do with the Corps and what does it bring to this forum? FUCK ALL.

    I am not ridiculing anyone, just highlighting this may not be the right place for this sort of p*ss take. Sooner or later all sorts of sh*te will start appearing.
  5. I was hoping to see some kinky pensioners

    a disappointment
  6. so i come back after a week and you're still a nosher :)
  7. CR you really must try harder to keep a grip on discipline, you can't just go swanning off and expect things to run smoothly. Now get a grip of these guys please.
  8. :neutral: sorry just thought it'd be bit of fun to show you
  9. Ignore the fuckers, I'm signing up as the Soho bomber!!