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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. source: Sunday Times

    Not before time in my view.
    Now, about the crabs and grey funnel line...
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Think this could be applied to all the services.

    What is the RAF structure these days? Damn sure it is over egged at the top too.

    Navy/Marines? Seem to remember there is a disproportionate number of v senior officers in the Marines to the size they are.

    Or is it these positions are being kept to allow us to retain expertise for when we need to increase the Forces the next time we go to war.......?

    Doh, think there is something wrong with that argument :D
  3. Fair enough

    Now for the Inland Revenue and the NHS to follow suit the books may start to look a bit better
  4. Generally speaking, the practise of having extra bods avail, as you mention, is good in theory; however, they need be of a high calibre.

    Walking through Hqs LAND, or any other hqs, one is likely to see some real oxygen thieves. Its a shame we have retained some of the ones we have. I shudder to think of the great people whom have moved on to civvie street.
  5. Whats the betting a few more Euro posts turn up? Meaning that there will be less criticizing of a Euro army if it means high ranking officers get to keep their jobs.

    On a seperate note my regiment had a briefing recently about there being 102000 positions in the army (that the MOD pay for) but there is an additional 6000 + posts mainly created in Afghanistan/Iraq so have we really got 300 officers sat around not doing a job?
  6. It's staggering how the rank and file numbers have been continually slashed over the years, while the quantity of general staff has actually risen. Completely insane.

    The MoD has FAR too many layers of management.
  7. Of course, he would say that now that he's got the top job. Wonder if he'd been so scathing if he was one of the ones to go?
    However, I seem to recall, not so long ago, the Navy being slated for having more Admirals than ships.
    255 1* and above does seem rather a lot considering the entire Army is only just over 100,000 strong. That's one general officer for every 390 odd troops. (and I don't mean odd as in strange...then again!!)
  8. Too many brass trying re-invent the wheel me thinks
  9. Way back in Nelson's day if a senior naval officer did not have a post he was sent home on half pay but was liable to recall.

    Might not be a bad idea today (for all three services) today subject, of course, to the offr in question still being 'current'
  10. Jeeez again...looks like another influx into our 'zummerset' idyll of the National Park RBL..means I'm still at the bottom of the pile... :D