Catch 22 situation

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lurker95, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been on long-term sick chits for nearly a year now, I want to get the problem sorted (bad knees) but I have been told that I need to go to the Regional Rehab Unit (Colchester) before any action can be taken.

    The problem that I have, and would love to hear any advice on is this:

    I cannot go to RRU without being downgraded.

    My medical documents have gone missing in the Shangri-La that is Glasgow.

    I cannot be downgraded without my medical docs.

    Therefore I am stuck in limbo without sorting my problems out and being stigmatised with the label of a biff!

    Is there anything I can do?

    All I do now is turn up to the Med Centre every 3 months for a fresh Biff chit. I have already involved the chain of command and nothing is happening, I have got the RAO onto the case to chase up the missing docs - still nothing. I am at my wits end and I have already been told by my first reporting officer that my inability to be fully fit will cost me on my next CR!

    Help please!!!
  2. The complete lack of desire to grip your problem by the CofC indicates to me that you might want to give your MP a pull.
  3. In dont think involving your MP is a good idea just yet, he is unlikely to ask a Parlimentary question about 1 soldiers missing med docs. You have to wait for an outcome by your COC. Write to your OC, stating your worries and requesting an interview, cc this to the RAO. That should be sufficient to get questions asked.

    If your worried about your CR, your perfectly intitled you submit a representation with your CR laying down what you are doing about getting fully fit, and the barriers you are coming up against. Failures of the Medical Services and APC Glasgow filing system are not your fault and shouldnt reflect on you in a negative manner.

    I dont understand why your MO cannot downgrade you. An MO can downgrade you at any time, and failing to do so is delaying your return to fitness and possibly harming your career. In this situation, the Redress of Complaint system is appropriate, you are being wronged and you should follow the appropriate complaints procedure. You could also start by reading the "How to make a complaint" leaflet found in the Med Centre.

    These are all avenues, supported by the COC for you to follow. Jumping outside the COC at this state isnt a good idea, and will probably alienate your CO. Good luck.
  4. You should now come under the new (wef 01 Oct) Sickness Absence Management system. This should result in better management since it won't just be your unit dealing with you.

    Under SAM you have to be visited (or seen at a unit), at least every 14 days.

    Are you living near Colchester, and is your unit based there?
  5. Thanks so far for all the replies.

    To answer some of your questions:

    I wasn't quite clear in my first statement, the CofC are willing, but there is nothing they can really do (so they say)

    I've been told by the Med Centre that I can't be downgraded until my Med Docs reappear!

    Am I governed by SAM? I am not actually absent from work, I just can't do a portion of my job that involves impact on my knees.

    Cheers again
  6. I'm not really sure I understand this... Are you suggesting that he contact his Member of Parliment? - So he can get a CR that'll put him back 5 years? If (as BM rightly suggests won't happen) a Parlimentary question is raised it'll cause mayhem from 2 star downwards... I'm not saying it shouldn't be raised, but try to avoid being at the bottom of that sh1t pile.
  7. How can so many medical documents go missing.
    They lost mine and i know many more people with missing docs.
    Although i think mine were conveniently "lost".
  8. The Med Centre or your Docs Super should send out a Trawl Signal to the relavent AIG, if nothing is forthcoming the Med Centre should raise a new F Med 4.
  9. What a cake and arrse party, thru' your RAO or Med Centre ask your Div Med Branch to re create your medical record from the details they hold centrally @ some place I can't remember.

    Take new docs, get boarded, new grade, join RRU.

    Job done.
  10. Thank you to all so far for your many ideas.

    Before this I was all for hauling off and smacking the sour-faced b*tch on reception in the med centre!

    Now, I will speak softly and carry a redress of grievance!


    BTW, any other take on the situation is gratefully received.
  11. See if you can get written of for stress brought on by the situation too. Got to be worth a few weeks off, and a jar of Prozac. Nice.
  12. Med Branch will only give authority for this if a trawl is completed.
  13. Mate im downgraded and have been for some years now it hasnt stopped my career :D (I did that myself but thats another thread 8O ) in fact I have been promoted twice and my CR's state the phys needs work lines but the rest states I can do my job well 8) (Allthough the line from one Lt Col about me being a likeable rouge who he'd readily take to war was some what worring :? I mean me likeable :roll: i'll have to work on that :twisted: :wink: :twisted: :wink: )
  14. is a likeable rouge anything like a rogue? :)
  15. ^ I think he has rosy cheeks....