Catch 22 Situation when trying to get car......

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by regular_imbiber, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking for a new(er) jalopy and I recently spotted something I fancied; 09 plate,nice little runner Guvnor,etc etc...

    However the market is absolutely stagnant when it comes to selling privately, mine has been on several sites and I've not had one enquiry. This is despite me researching what every other bugger is selling the same make and model for and then taking a little bit off.

    As a consequence I've mentioned to the dealer that I might be interested in a p/x. He phones me today and the valuation is the best part of 2k short of what I'd hope to get in a private sell.

    So,there it is... Do I hold on to the car I've got and wait optimistically that someone might put in an offer (and while waiting maybe miss out on the one I fancy)? Or do I bite the bullet and take what's on the plate from the dealer?

    It's a tight-rope Spud, a tight-rope.
  2. See if the dealer will meet you half way and chuck some sort of sweetner on?

    Floor mats, Free MOT & service next year, something like that. If the private sales are so stagnant, you can bet the fluff in your tummy button against your clingons that the dealers are hardly seeing their merchandise roaring off the forecourt like a Brands Hatch start.
  3. We buy any com!

    Have you tried them. Sometimes there prices are a bit better than a trade in as they can ship the car to an area that has a good secondhand market.

    Just a thought
  4. Yeah,I had a trade-in figure in mind which was obviously less than for a private sale. I'll see if I can make up the difference in a bit of counter wheeler-dealery.
  5. Well,blow me. Managed to get 200 added to the value of my current car,road tax,2 new tyres and the warranty extended to a year. Happy with that.

    Thanks for all your help guys :applaud:
  6. They are a bunch of rip off merchants, they offer a price and then knock it down massively when it comes to them taking the car off your hands.
  7. Couldnt agree more,took my car which was in mint condition,unmarked alloys etc,a few stone chips but I had been driving it for two years from new. Fookers dropped two and a half grand off the initial offer and bitched about there being almost no fuel in it,when I said I wasn't selling then had to go through the bloke ringing "the man" numerous times and get a better deal.I walked out. I think they work on the premise that you are desperate for money and they can take the piss.I ended up putting the car in the garage for a couple of months and got what I wanted for it.I wouldn't go down that road my friend,they are a bunch of *****.
  8. What you have to understand about any second hand car dealer is that they are there to make a profit. That means buying cheap and selling dear. They are professionals at negociating. In order to get a good deal you have to be prepared to haggle - hard. Most punters are embarrassed to haggle - and the dealers feed off that.