Catalytic Converter theft - expensive and coming soon to a place near you

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Sep 23, 2011.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I was recently surprised when my normally quiet diesel started doing Spitfire impressions. On further inspection, some goblin had been under the vehicle and removed a large chunk of my exhaust system. This is apparently a crime which is on the up, is easy to carry out and delivers a few quid to the said scrote whilst causing thousands of pounds of damage.

    I wondered if any Arrsers had had a similar experience and, if so, whether anyone can recommend any effective counter-measures (apart from the usual punji stick/claymore type suggestions from our more robust members) for what is apparently a growing and certainly very expensive nuisance.
  2. Do the deed yourself, and replace it with a straight-through pipe. You get the money for the cat, and you'll probably find an increase in power and economy. Everyone wins!

    Failing that, get a garage.

    Or one of these.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Your last idea might appeal to the Missus but the problem with getting a garage is that the vehicle is vulnerable wherever it is - half a dozen vehicles were done recently in the car park of a major railway station and in daylight. It's a very quick and easy attack apparently and can be done almost noiselessly with the right kit.
  4. Happened to the long haired one whilst at the supermarket. She came back to her car to find some scrote under it, who quickly upped sticks and fecked off into another car with all of his mates. It was reported to Kent plod and they informed her that its a gang of Eastern Europeans who are active in the Sittingbourne/Medway area, who they already know about. Whether or not the Plod will actually do something about it is another matter, they were apologetic but it seems that eyewitnesses and CCTV is still not enough to guarantee a conviction.
    Luckily they had only just started cutting into it (using air tools, so its not exactly an opportunist crime!) and it cost us £50 to weld a patch on as they had not damaged the catalyst.

  5. Hmmm, nonetheless a car will always be far safer in a garage. For starters, your thief knows that he has to break in before finding whether there's anything that's even worth stealing.

    And you could always keep a Great Dane in there too, just to really make it difficult for the bastards.
  6. Been done to a lot of school mini-buses around here, whilst they were parked over-night. Cats were replaced, done again shortly afterwards. There's a lot of East-European pikies in the area. Lead from school roofs vanishes regularly and repeatedly.

    It would be a shame if one of them were under a Citroen with hydro-pneumatic suspension when it decided to lower itself.

    FF As a matter of interest, where was it parked when the CAT was nicked?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Either on my driveway or at the supermarket (probably the former).
  8. Great Dane, have you seen Scooby Doo, they'd be cowering and hiding.
  9. Cats are worth £40-50 a pop as scrap…

    Of course, the 'Recycling Industry' could stop the thefts by insisting only registered business's or the car owner complete with his V5 could weigh them in… and surprise, surprise, they don't.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Without wishing to inspire Arrse's criminal element, you can apparently at least double that figure. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest.
  11. Or, as proposed with lead, copper etc ban cash payments for such scrap. I'm a bit of a libertarian & wouldn't normally advocate more laws but when the Pikies, Eastern Europeans & their ilk would have the fillings out of your teeth if you fell asleep on the train something needs to be done...

  12. A significant and not reported in the general media issue for owners of classic cars is targetted thefts of stored cars and spares.
    Pikies and Easterns will regularly drive round blocks of lock up garages at weekends to see who's storing what in which then come bak during the week.
    I know of one bloke who lost an irreplacable collection of spare engines and gearboxes.
  13. Always worries me about FatherofPlume's MGB. It's not hugely valuable, but he's had it since '66-ish & it's gradually been done up to be quite tidy. I always park one of the other cars in front of the garage, fully immobilised, so if the thieving scrotes are after it they'll need to winch up that one first.
  14. To get my head around this............the eastern euros spent the last few years nicking cars and taking them back home to the communal farm and now the catalytic convertors all need replacing so they are nicking those to order now.

    Alternatively, the active ingredient in catalytic convertors is gold I seem to remember. In this time when gold has shot up in value it makes it worthwhile nicking them rather than the manhole covers and drain covers they nicked along a 10 mile stretch of the A5 a couple of years ago. They were also wholesale net fishing in midland reservoirs at very dark o'clock until a water bailiff had an ND with his shotgun whilst out walking his dog, totally by chance you understand - he tried to apologise but the chaps had run off and driven away.
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  15. Even better than that - platinum!