Catalan Independence? Democracy dies in Spain.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dwarf, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. I agree. Media coverage is pathetic. There are reasons.
  2. Sorry, that sounded a bit too mystic, but really, this is a bomb ready to go off. I am sure that people in every country in govt ministries are watching this veeeeeery carefully and are trying to anticipate what the outcome will be.
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  3. Not just governments, I'm less than comfy with the way things are going at the moment.
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  4. Ditto.
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  5. Sorry, I' m too old to join an International Brigade..... all the best, though, I've spent a lot of time in Catalunya over the years, lovely place, lovely people, hope it turns out well for them.
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  6. And I should add, was in Yugo before our lot even started to get involved, in Czechoslavakia...blah, blah, but I do know from experience when things can turn nasty, and this is not smelling that pleasanr. I rely on the generally nice nature of Catalans...I hope...
  7. Me too, but I wouldn't want to put money on either direction just at the moment.
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  8. Sixty

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    Hopefully it won't derail things too much but I've merged @Ciggie's latest ramblings with the existing Catalan thread.
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  9. Ta...didn't want to cause a's not really a ramble though, be fair.
  10. Oh, I get it...Las Ramblas...
  11. Presumably that's where Dwarf is today?
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  12. BBC following their eu paymasters instructions, demo what demo. Now on Sky News.
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  13. Better late than never, the BBC have posted at last. This is how they start:

    Three-quarters of a million people have rallied in Barcelona to protest against Spain's detention of Catalan independence leaders, police estimate.

    They shone phone torches in unison at sunset as calls were made to free eight regional ministers and two grassroots campaign leaders being held on remand.

    Some of the detainees will be included on the list of a Catalan separatist party at next month's snap election.

    Meanwhile, Barcelona's mayoress has condemned pro-independence leaders.
  14. What is more significant is that it hasn't had an impact on all Spanish media. After a Rememberance Service on the Costa Brava I went down to Barcelona for the demo. Nice day, full of people, absolutely peaceful. Stopped off in a curry house for a takeaway and they had Antenna 3 showing incidents in Catalan politics, such as forming lists and parties, also a minor march of a handful of people for a pro-Spain march in Girona outside the GC barracks, and a pro-Spain march in Valencia with a few thousand.
    750,000 people in Barcelona, 3.3km of street and not a dickey bird.

    PP(Cat) had tried to get TV3 banned from live coverage but the courts threw it out. They had no objection to live coverage of pro-Spain marches though.

    Thanks@exbleep for the photos I was going to look for them.

    Off to the pit now. Bona nit.
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  15. Tried to get TV3 banned from live coverage? It's been live on LaSexta here since 1400. All the speeches, all the concerts, all the marches. The speech by the mayor of Barcelona wasn't mentioned nor was it on El Pais or El Mundo but it was in La Vanguardia. where she slates the independents for "declaring UDI instead of calling elections to give their cause some validity" and the fact "they disappeared and left the country alone". She reckons they have "deceived and stressed the population and creating a terrible economic crisis".
    Quite a big unity demo in Alicante today by the town hall and also in many places across Spain, strangely not reported too much in the press and only on local TV stations (Murcia had a little bit in amongst the bullfighting - I think the only local station in Spain that still shows it) but Valladolid had quite a bit demo for unity as well (though nowhere near 750000
    (it won't play, by the way)
    Strange how things get reported depending on one's point of view.