Am considering going forward on this course, but am rusrty on tactics as have been in media ops role for some time. Is it a good course? How up-to-speed do you have to be?
Warcorro, it's the best course I've done. It's 2 weeks at the Land Warfare School at Warminster and is meant to be the tick in the box for command of a rifle company. As such, most do it as senior captains, although there are some majors in their first appointment. You know there's something fluffy about turning up in the Hythe Mess again and meeting up with old friends from PCBC, mortars, JDSC etc. I digress.

The first week is mostly classroom, with a heavy emphasis on the 7 questions (although this was possibly because we were the first TA course to do the 7 Qs) and mastering the DSO matrix etc. There are also table-top exercises and lectures on tactics. Interspersed are days out at Copehill Down and elsewhere putting tactics into practice, and a few TEWTS, all at coy level. Orders aren't covered - at this level you should know it all anyway.

The middle Saturday is off, and then it's Ex Red Shank. This is five days out, rotating around command appointments. Tested are FIWAF, OBUA, quick and deliberate attacks. Throughout, you're commanding regular soldiers. This is great because they're real soldiers, and not just other students, so you get the real buzz from their 'crack' and their soldiers' 'ways' - this is what makes the TA so fun for me, and it's great to experience the same on a course, it's very refreshing. Even when you're 'resting' between appointments when you're being assessed, you're still likely to pull about 3 or 4 platoon commander appointments, and this is great. It's just like stepping back in time. For some appointments you may be shadowing an Egr troopie or a FOO, and if you are ex Milan or something it's good to get an arty perspective on things.

The only downside is sometimes that sometimes the regular coys (we has 2 from 1 PARA and 2 from RGJ) own officers get in the way and you have to remind them that, yes, fine, come along too, but it's not their command appointment, so stop isssuing your own warning orders because they've now got two, and back off!

All in all, it's a fantastic course. For more info, see 'best of ARRSE' 'course stereotypes' - you're also likely to pull a few appointments as plt sgt - a euphamism for basically watching over some Rumanian or a Saudi in their plt comd slots and helping them to expand their orders from 'men.... we will kill them. We go now, yes?' into something a bit more, well, military. Unlike JDSC you're all infantry too - so you don't get the ball ache of having to act as CO with a chuffing dentist and a vet as your Ops and HQ coy officers, with a nurse giving your G2 picture....

If you're rusty, I'd suggest a good read of ADP1 ops and The Infantry Coy Group.

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