CATAC, open to Teeth Arm & Combat Spt Officers Capt & above

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FredKarno, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. The Combined Arms Tactics Course has 10 places per cse for TA Officers in senior Capt/Maj appts. It's woefully undersubscribed as it isn't a TA course, but a combined one, and a number of TA folk seem to think it finished years ago.

    It's now only 2 weeks long, and is thus ideal for the TA Officer to attend.

    For any Inf, Cav, Gunner or Engr officer, it's a great course, and possibly the only time in your TA career you'll get to command an Armoured Inf BG.

    It's quite heavy on 7 Questions & IPB etc, as you would expect a tactics cse aimed at sub-unit commds to be, but it's certainly practical to do, ideally having done Junior Staff College and some swotting.

    First week is lectures & TEWT, week 2 is out on the Plain with CR2, WR and stuff.

    Don't delay, book today!

    Fred, a delighted student.
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  2. How many courses a year do they run?
  3. I think it's 3 per year, and they can be had at pretty short notice.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    My BC is there right now.

    P.S. You may want to brush up on your doctrine if you are still referring to Teeth Arms
  5. CATAC - sounds like JOTAC, only actually about tactics!
  6. CATAC - brilliant course. For the big exercise I fulfilled the appointments of MFC, then Bn Ops officer and finally Engr Recce Section Cmmd. Does anyone from CATAC 97/1 remember "badger patrol"??
  7. When, roughly, do the courses fall in the year?
  8. Brilliant course - my best one. I went as a 31 year old Captain and did loads of things I'd either a) left behind long before, or b) would have to wait my turn for (fcukin' years in this TA)
    My only really and truthfully assessed command appointment was as an OC coy group in an advance to contact/quick attack. Apart from that I was coy2ic (my job at the time) in a BG deliberate OBUA attack, a FOO and a panzertruppenfuehrer! Yee-haaaaw!
    Best of all was the rest of the time while waiting around for a 'proper' command appointment, I had about four slots as a platoon commander, in amongst the blokes (these were RGJ from the demo battalion) and the banter and re-living my twenties. Just like PCBC but , erm...this time I actually knew what I was on about. What a laugh!

    It's mandatory, by the way, to do the course if you want to be or are an inf coy commander. I agree with Fred - get yourself on it. Some courses are a 'tick in the box', but this is such a hands-on refreshing course it's so enjoyable that it's a holiday.
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  9. oh, and I should add that on my course a REME guy turned up, on spec, and was accepted on the course. He had a brilliant time.

    Also see the foreign student
  10. Fck me, this all sounds cool. When can I go?
  11. This year there were courses in July & Sept, with one planned for next end Feb/start March.
  12. Thoroughly recommended.

    Course SO1's opening brief along the lines of

    "We've all sat for hours on cold hillsides doing hour long estimates. On this course if you take longer than 10 minutes to complete a company estimate and orders you're taking too long. You all have experience and intuition - use them - I don't need to see your workings." - Woohoo!

    Follow that with a week of serious grown up approach to coy and Bn tactics and an exercise on SPTA with 3 coys of infantry*, supporting arms, panzers and 'the smoke machine' where your junior 'rest' appointment is likely to be Pl Comd and this is the best course I have done with the TA.

    *Anyone remember the Jamaican Defence Force as OPFOR?
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  13. Anyone on the summer cse in 98? SO1 then in charge (now a Col at Shriv) still remembers the DS being totally outwitted on the Urban TEWT by one of the student's answers. OpFor HQ was located in middle of town next to brewery. Said student (Staffords/works/ed for Bass) had brilliant answer for break-in - apparently most breweries have large diameter pipes going in/out to water source; answer was, get the blokes up the pipes, into the brewery and go from there. Not often DS are stumped for words! Great course then, sure it is still.
  14. We had a US Army NG student who walked four miles each night in a bergen...aparently running wasn't good for you! We also had the chief IED specialist of the Mauritian defence force, who was bucking for Major and had to do the course or spend the rest of his life defusing bombs...concentrates the mind somewhat!
  15. Errrr.... was that April 97? But yes, F***ing brilliant course, well worth it. Can't remember the badgers, although the scratch rugby was fun. Most amusing was the student who borrowed the DS' desktop to type something up, and got caught looking at the DS pink for command appointments....

    Best piece of advice I got for it was "aim high on the command appointments" - in those days they asked for a first and second choice appointment (not sure whether they still do it that way) and the advice was: 1st - Inf Coy Comd, 2nd - BG Comd.

    Still, BG 2ic when everyone else was digging holes around a bridge was quite comfy :) and Coy Comd in the heliborne phase was great fun. Trying to stick close to our resident Mauritian for moral support in the final phase was more difficult (he was an OC in the BG attack, giving orders in his second language).