CATAC booked on in Feb07 advice needed please

Discussion in 'Officers' started by WessexMortarman, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm TA Inf, recently back from Herrick and booked on CATAC next year.

    I hear that it is now a combined 2 week course for Regular and TA officers, but that the Regulars can also do a 3 week pre-training course.

    I would like to prepare myself for the course in terms of pre-reading, fitness and practice(estimate, orders etc).

    Has anyone been on the combined course?

    What should I do in terms of pre-training?

    Can you point me towards any other relevant sources of information?

    Thanks, WM.
  2. I taught on a recent CATAC cse. not much you need to do by way of prep really, its death by P/P. Get your head into the all arms aspect of MK1 if you can, massively tedious though.
  3. Did it in July. Would suggest getting to grip with the 7 Questions and gather an understanding of the All Arms Battle.

    There was no 3 week pre course though.
  4. For the....

    1st week - know your Ops planning: and get totally au fait with the BG DSO matrix especially. Know the principles of attack, defence, armour, ATk, OS planning, all for the TEWTS; know the basics of reserve dem, relief in place, withdrawal etc, all for the classroom powerpoint discussions.

    2nd week: Not forgetting any of the aboveGet your TAMS sorted out, and ensure you know your drills and task orgs (including your own variations) for various ops and environments: especially coy quick attack, OBUA, FIWAF, BG deliberate attack.

    Overall, enjoy, it's the last time in your career you'll get to command a platoon or a tank troop, a non-assessed command appointment that fills in a lot of time between assessed appointments such as coy OC, BG Ops etc.