CATAC - 3 weeks?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Gassing_Badgers, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. JUst seen the latest FOE from LWS - is CATAC now 3 weeks long?

    If so, when did this change, and what have they added to the syllabus?
  2. Must be a bit of that course length inflation imposed by the dreadful "Regs" to justify their own existence! (Or I suppose it could just be the amount of time required...)

    In all seriousness, no idea.
  3. Many a true word...
  4. Changed last March to include Herrick stuff.
  5. So just in time for the phased withdrawl then? ;-)

    Seriously, thanks for this. I'm guessing they've probably also extended Lion's Strike as well as the TEWTs and lecture phase to include the above?

    I think this is probably a good thing - there aren't many opportunities to get all of the toys out of the box, and I would hazard a guess that CATAC post-PR13 might have us driving round the Plain in clapped out 110s...errm...sorry, I mean "Surrogate Training Vehicles"!
  6. I did seriously worry that it may have been some D&M School muppetry along those lines.

    Not so long ago some memo came out about being "trained for the seat", the implication being that you couldn't command a vehicle at LWC even if there was a qualified crew commander next to you in turret. That would have been a nightmare for CATAC of course, where students from a range of capbadges swap across command appointments in a range of vehicles.

    However, it does sound like there is a good reason for it, which includes an increase in quality training time - not just the mandatory box-ticking which seems to infected much of the Army.
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    CATAC went to 3 weeks last year, having been previously 6 weeks then 2 weeks. Week 1, which TA can come on if they can get time off from the day job, is primarily focussed at the needs of the DE sub unit commander. The Monday is scheduled for Arm/service updates, Tue is the OC's Discipline & Admin (OCDA) course, Wed/Thu are G1/4 focussed in order to stop you losing your name before you get out the gate and includes a visit to a major unit with briefs from the key G1/4 players on what is expected of an OC. Friday is a bit of a sweep-up. Weeks 2 & 3 are largely as before, but there is now more time for TEWTing (including among populated areas). The FTX remains largely unchanged, but track mileage restrictions have reduced the distances a bit and there is more focus on fibua & inf/armour cooperation.

    CD Cbt (the new TRA) is currently EXVAL-ing the course due to its slight identity crisis (is it tactics or OCs' des cse) - this may lead to a re-reduction and the onus being placed back onto cap badges to prepare OCs designate for non-tactical matters.
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  8. Thanks for the info.

    For my my part, I think it is no bad thing to combine both tactics and general 'OC-ness' stuff. The problem with in-unit training is that it inevitably suffers from priority shifts, and can lead to the maintenance of the 'we've always done it this way' mentality. At least in a central location you get dedicated time to spend on the subject, and the opportunity to kick ideas around with folk from other capbadges.
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    The problem is that each cap badge does things differently; some have OC des type courses and others don't. We need parity in some way, whether that is a central course or centrally applied TOs needs to be decided.
  10. It's interesting to see who is attracted to it. We had people on ours who had just completed the CO Des Cse and RLC Tpt Sqn OCs. Mixed bunch, but essential ICSC reunion at 2200.
  11. But... what training gets done over the weekend? :) Slackers :)

    Fantastic course, worth every minute.