Cat shit or Dog shit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by denachtenmai, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. As an ex forces person I have, of course, high moral standards!
    Now a friend of mine, well he's not really a friend but some one who I talk to on occasions, not very often though, probably once or twice a month. Take this month, I didn't talk to him at all, but he sent me a message stating that a neighbour of mine, well not really a neighbour, but someone who lives in the same road as me, quite a long way from me actually, hasn't got any road tax on his van.
    Now, as I have already stated, I have very high moral standards, but not quite as high as another friend that I occasionally talk to, he has VERY high moral standards and he hasn't been in any of the services! but I haven't talked to him this year, yet.
    Now, do the NAAFI members think that I should put Cat shit or Dog shit under this tax dodger's door handles to point out to him the error of his ways and force him to get his road tax?
    P.S. I don't pay road tax because i have a Motability car and some one else pays for it, probably the taxpayer, whoever that may be, but if I didn't have this car then I am sure that I would pay my road tax, if only to stop shit being put under my door handles.
  2. Did you ever try shrugging your shoulders, smiling and just going about your business?
  3. FFS, you don't half waffle on.
  4. Go to a Zoo, play with the Tigers.
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  5. So a poke-nosed bastard you vaguely know has told you someone who lives in your vicinity has no road tax?

    Why would you give a flying fuck?

    A kick to the grid is what Mr. Noseycunt needs. I suggest several are issued soon by your good self.
  6. Best not. If some Mr Noseycunt witnesses him doing that he'll have his Motability status reviewed.
  7. A good point well made from someone who is obviously more successful at avoiding the social than myself. :)

    A discreet skelp on the shins with a stick and a firm jab and twist into a kidney or the liver ought to do it.
  8. So, no one knows the answer, is it Cat or Dog shit? I think I should be told, this was the question, not whether my friend, who I haven't spoken to for a while, should keep his nose out, myself I favour Cat shit because it smells worse but I would be open to other suggestions.
  9. That rambling second sentence has given me grounds to suspect that you're typing while impaired through drink or drugs.
  10. I will wait eagerly until next year for your gripping annual post!
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  11. fifteen
  12. I really hope he catches you in the act of putting dog shit on his handle...then you'll really need your motobility, are you known as mrs mangle around you way?
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. Some mental fucker in a wheelchair, that lives in my street, whom I don't know from Adam, has apparently been threatening to put dog or cat shit under the door handles of my car.

    So I've fucking wired it up to the mains.
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  15. Sounds like a piss poor wind up to me.