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Cat in a wheelie bin? Boring!

So we all remember the cat in the wheelie bin that sparked national outrage?

BBC News - Devon man jailed for putting cat in microwave, tumble drier and freezer

BBC News said:
A man filmed on a mobile phone putting his nephew's cat in a microwave then tumble drier and finally a freezer has been jailed.

Colin Sherlock, 44, from Newton Abbot, Devon, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He was arrested after a mobile phone video of the attack was shown to police.

Torquay magistrates jailed Sherlock for 126 days and disqualified him from owning an animal for 10 years.

Torquay Magistrates Court heard that the attack on the cat called Roxy happened at a house in Teignmouth in May.

'Serious mental trauma'
Magistrates watched the video which showed Sherlock picking up the black and white cat, putting it into a microwave and turning it on for eight seconds.

Sherlock grabs it and pushes it into a tumble drier which is spun for seven seconds.

Roxy is then put in a freezer for 20 seconds and is then dunked in a bowl of washing up water.

The offence came to light because Sherlock and two youths there sent it to their friends' phones.

One recipient was so shocked she took it to the police who identified Sherlock by a distinctive tattoo.

'Progressing well'
John Wyatt, prosecuting, said Roxy was now "extremely nervous and has suffered serious mental trauma".

Alisdair James, defending, said Sherlock, who had been drinking before the offence, was "ashamed" and "gutted".

RSPCA Inspector Jim Farr said after the case: "I am pleased with the sentence. It sends out a clear message that anyone who carries out acts of cruelty will face justice.

"Roxy is now in foster care because of the after effects of this trauma and she is not yet ready to be rehomed.

"She is progressing well but we do to know if there may be long term after effects of being put into the microwave."

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