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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Whiskey_60, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Evening everyone.

    Wondering if I could get the answer to (hopefully) a quick question.

    I need to square my Theory away for my Cat C so that the TA can arrange for me to then go and do my practical. After some digging the DVLA website gave me a brief overview of what I need but suggested you look up a local HGV School and do everything through them.

    I looked at a few of them and they all offer these packages of Practical & Theory tests and a few lessons, as I'm only after the Theory they don't seem to cater for this.

    Can anyone that has got their Cat C recently let me know the steps they took to get it, if they needed many lessons, and what the theory/practical actually involve.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated, apologies if the questions seem retarded but I've only recently learnt to drive myself so other licences beyond my Car still confuse me.


  2. I did my Cat C test last week, I was booked in for a theory test and given this book and told that I needed to be able to answer all the questions relating to LGVs, and to ignore the stuff relating to coaches. A week later I passed the theory test including hazard perception test having scanned through it a couple of times.

    The theory test is 100 questions, multiple guess, Hazard perception consists of 19 video clips if I remember rightly, I forget what the pass marks were.

    I reckon get the book, and when you think you are ready, book yourself in at a test center independently.

    Practical test is 45 mins or so of driving a 7.5 tonner, took me 4 days of lessons, around 2-3 hours behind the wheel each day to get up to the standard required for the test. Biggest issue was training out the bad habits picked up from 10 years or so of car driving, if you've not long done your car test you may find it easier.
  3. Unfortunately pretty much 24 hours after passing my driving test I was accelerating out of corners and routinely finding quiet roads to see how fast I could go... I've got a feeling the lessons will probaly be just as much of a wakeup call for my poor driving standards! (Much like the TA they let anyone pass nowadays!)

    Thanks for the answer though, exactly what I was looking for!!
  4. Just done my theory test for Cat C today. I booked mine through the directgov website. I had my medical for my provisonal locally and then when my licence arrived I booked my theory test and hazard perception tests at the centre close to me. Once that is all done they will accept me onto a course at Grantham.
    The theory is going to cost £35 and the hazard perception £15. Get a print out and claim the money back.
    I did it on this website