Cat C renewal

Just noticed that all my licence groups run to 2035-the eve of my 70th birthday, but my cat C runs out in 18 months on the eve of my 45th. Anyone know what I need to do to renew it-I thought about looking on DVLAs website, but the last time I did it reduced me to weeping frustration, so it's over to Arrsers.......
basically the Cat C (old LGV) require a medical test every 5 years after the age of 45 till the age of 65. below is an extract from the DVLA.

Extra rules for applications to drive larger vehicles over 3,500kgs, minibuses (between 9 and 16 seats) and buses
Under the following circumstances, a D4 medical report form, completed by a medical practitioner, will also need to be returned with your application to DVLA.

you are applying for entitlement to drive larger vehicles over 3500kg, minibuses (between 9 and 16 seats) and buses for the first time
you are a car licence holder applying to renew category C1 and or D1
you are renewing your large goods vehicle (LGV) or passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driving entitlement on or after the age of 45 and at five yearly intervals until the age of 65 (if you are aged between 45 and 65 and have been issued with a medical short period licence, then you only need send in a D4 form if you have not done so within the last five years)
you are renewing your LGV and or PCV driving entitlement on or after the age of 65 and on a yearly basis thereafter
Drivers already holding entitlement to drive vehicles of category C1 and or D1 and who have passed a car test before 1 January 1997, will only be required to meet the higher medical standards when the licence is next renewed.

Also remember the photo licences are only valid for 10 years i think, like other photographic ID.

and the new licence costs too
Its not free anymore upon renewal, so yet another ZanuLiarbour Tax
Just renewed mine at 45. Completed all the paperwork in front of the doctor he signed it and got sent off and a new licence arrived a week later.

Billy bonus as the 6 spent penalty points were removed so didn't have to pay to get it done :D .

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