Cat C Driving at Grantham

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Operator, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. Having just completed this course i was amazed at the relatively small amount of actual driving time per student. We were in trucks in pairs however the actual driving time was only around 2hrs per day. whereas the contractors teaching the course were claiming for 8 hours driving instruction (4 per student) per day.

    Also the trucks (Ford Ivecos) were knackered and more than once had to be taken out of service for the day leaving students with nothing to do.

    [/rant off]

    Has anyone else doe this course, is my experience normal?
  2. When I did my Cat C, I was more annoyed at the fact I was told the course started on Saturday morning - so I turn up Friday evening, and by 9am on Saturday, I was told that was it until Monday!

    The Staffie running the course was more worried about getting enough learners to ensure the course was fully loaded!

    The instructor was good - two of us in the cab, two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, we practiced the reversing/emergency halt on the way out of camp and then again on the way in.

    The cabs were new when I did my course, but either way, they're still an improvement over the Bedford that I actually drive in! Power steering anyone?

    I'd complain to your MTO about the driving time - what time did you start and what time were you knocked off? Did you complain to the Grantham people at the time? You should have been completing a driver record of the hours spent at the wheel, which is handed into the Grantham lot.

    My own experience is that a reasonably competent car driver should be able to pass Cat C without too much drama - I did mine with about 8 hours tuition, and the other guy in the cab passed the following day. The chap who failed was a Pioneer who'd passed his car licence the week before being put on a Cat C course, who suffered due to lack of road experience.

    Had less time for my C+E as we were THREE to a cab!
  3. We had the H&S video and opening address on Saturday then knocked off until 1000 on Sunday. The tacho charts show 2/3hrs per day. Not sure if they recorded hours elsewhere. The most irritating bit was standing at cold wet burger vans for ages whilst the instructor chatted away. Felt like a waste of good time really.

    Ultimatly I passed the course so I'm not too bothered. Just wondering if I was unlucky or this format is normal?
  4. I did mine there, got there Friday night, had a quick briefing on Sat morning, then we were free until Sunday morning. Luckily I only live in Nottingham so it wasn't much hastle to drive back.

    We were using Iveco cargo's spending all days but 1 driving around Grantham, stopping at some greasy truck stop cafe's for breaks (one a couple of miles out of Grantham on the A52 was popular) We usually finished about 3:30 ish so pretty short days by Army standards

    Overall enjoyed the week (passed fine) just a shock when I went from this vehicle into a Bedford 4 tonner for my famming up and realised how different lack of decent mirrors and power stering makes!
  5. I'll pass this on to the Grantham branch of the PIRA shall I ?
  6. Hang on!! I still need the registration number!! We can't go blowing up just any bunch of soldierly looking types in Ivaco's with 'L' plates stopping on the A52 near Grantham can we. Besides, my mate Abdulla says he needs more info.
  7. Given the amount of courses run and driving through Grantham town centre, im suprised the locals didn't take us out as it was!
  8. Wimps
    Did my driver trg when the School was at Aldershot in "baby" Bedfords then progressed onto full fat Bedford absolutly F ** @ll wrong with bedfords only wagons ive driven that are totally squaddie proof except maybe the old "knockers" ten tonnes 28 mph ,crash boxes ahhh those were the days
  9. Or Saracens Or Pigs , ferrets were not too bad either
  10. Saracens - maybe ok to drive (only rode in one) but they were too noisy and expensive to maintain.

    Humber 1 ton (Pig) - Nice enough and reasonably fast veh. Problem was that after upping the armr they were a pig (no pun intended) to stop.

    Ferrets - Hmmm, bit of a dodgy one, too prone to tipping over for my liking.
  11. Ah the old AEC 10 ton (not metric tonne) I'm getting hard just remembering these. The ultimate convoy c*ck veh start it up and vibrate till you switch off. :) Plus you had cruise control. :)