Cat B Officer Promotion?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by possiblermas, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. I am a 2Lt in Wales UOTC. In the TA I would be due a promotion having completed Module 5 (now PCT) and a year in post (If graduated/ 2 years if not graduated).

    Is this the same as a Cat B officer? Anyone who could provide some real help/ knowledge rather than things they may have heard in the past would be much appreciated.
  2. I'd expect some incoming..
  3. If you were ACF, your first, last and only substantive promotion will be to Lt. Any rank you attain after that is acting, paid or unpaid.

    Don't know if the rules are the same for UOTC, but that being a B list too, I would imagine they are.
  4. Wrong, local rank = unpaid, acting rank = paid.
  5. Small detail, but more or less correct then?
  6. It is possible, though I'd never heard of a LT in the UOTC. Or a LT doing mod 5, wasn't that meant to be for TA YOs? I know of a UOTC 2Lt who took a few years out, wasn't taken off the books, came back to university and was still a 2lt in the uotc. And stayed as such I think up until five years after commissioning. Personally I think you've not got much chance of it.

    Should you transfer to the TA/type A, your promotion to LT would be one year (grad) or two years (non grad) after the transfer, and moving onto a type A commission, NOT after your TACC. All seniority comes from the date you got the Gp A. This is, in effect, your commission date.

    Can't remember if the correct terminology is group, category, list or type. It is A (deployable TA), B (non-deployable TA + UOTC) though :)

    Sorry to put a downer on it, best of luck though :)
  7. ^
    You can stay on the held strength for four years, before being moved to TA&Res MCM Div who will hold you until you are 30.
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Why would you want to? So you can lord it over the other officer cadets?

    I was a 2lt in a Type A unit as a Pl cmdr, and held a pl sgt command appointment in my old OTC. They gave a guy acting full Lt and it turned him into a little Hitler, to the extent of shouting down warrant officers. Not a smart move and not entirely liked as a result!
  9. Time served as cat B doesnt count. You need to be Cat A for a year, from my own experience.
  10. I completely understand what you guys have said. Although some of you as usual assume people are doing stuff just to walt about... ..I am enquiring purely as I will be moving across to the TA in wales after I leave the OTC. So if i was in a TA unit and completed Module 5 and a year (graduate) then i would be eligible for LT, yet from what people think it seems in OTC I wouldnt?

    any help?
  11. As already said your seniority comes from the date you transfer into the TA. You should be a LT in a year from your date of transfer don't worry :)

    Think about it this way: a year in the TA qualifies you for promotion, and you haven't done a year in the TA yet. It'll pass by quickly enough! :)

    Although module 5 should be a prerequisite for LT, it isn't. Nor is JOTD/JOTAC a prerequisite for Capt - both seem to run on JPA as time served only.