CAT B Motorcycle query

I went to look at a motorbike last night, a 2003 Honda CBR 600RR Supersports. Nice bike, clean and tidy (few scratches here and there but no major dramas) and all in all exactly what Im looking for. When the lad told me the price, I was a bit shocked as he only wanted £1800. Something up there thinks me, so I quiz him and he freely admits its a Cat B register but DVLA and the insurance company confirm its fine to be on the road.

Now when I google Cat B this is the definition I get:

Category B Insurance Write Off - the vehicle must not be used again but non- structural and roadworthy parts and components may be recovered for use in other vehicles. Care must be taken to ensure that they are not critical components with important safety functions.

So I phone DVLA and they say the bike is not registered as a Cat B with them and that I can obtain a V5 to get the bike on the road no problem. I then call MIAFTR and they cant help me. So given this conflicting info, does anyone know the gen with a Cat B bike?
If the DVLA says its not a Category B on the hitlist then the seller had made a booboo.
You tried a HPi check on it?

Generally I subscribe to the "if its too good to be true, its to good to be true" camp

My first though too mate - has to be a mistake if DVLA dont have it registered as an insurance write off. Like you however Im sceptical of offers that good, as being an extremelly unlucky ****, there is no chance id score that good a deal!!


Yeah double checked that same thing mate "sure its not Cat D you mean instead of Cat B" but the bloke is positive. Still DVLA dont have it registered as either.

I suppose the next step is an HPI check (£20). Im either going to waste £20 in beer tokens or score the deal of the week!!
People don't make mistakes with money or what their bikes worth, it's an old sports bike and will have been ragged to **** over the years by wannabe gp racers, Go for the peace of mind route and get something that you will be fairly confident will work ok.

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