Cat B driving course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by far-famed_wolf, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. I am trying to get myself onto a Cat B driving course. I have been speeking to my PSI about it for months and still no joy.
    (Apparently there used to be a budget to send people on a Civi course but London Dist has now cut that.)

    Dose any one know of courses going on that I could try and get booked onto?


  2. Courses are out there, best person to talk to is your regiment's MTWO. But obviously places on courses are linked to the unit's requirement for, and availability of, drivers for the vehicles that it operates, so you have a good chance of a course if you are in a loggie unit or a cav yeomanry sqn, and a little less luck if you are in a light role infantry coy.
  3. Im currently badged an RLC Transport Regiment which is why I find it supprising that there are no Cat B courses. They seem to assume you will have it when you get there.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    If you are in a Transport unit and your PSI cannot get you on a driving course, that is a combat indicator.

  5. You want the course dates from Grantham. They alwys cave cat B going. Have you got your theory test.
  6. Have looked at the Courses list for Grantham that my PSI has put up in the unit and it seems to start at Cat B+E which requires a Cat B to attend.

    Perhaps I should contact Grantham and ask for course dates. I would have also though that the Defence School of Transport may have some couses. Will call both tomorow and ask for course availability.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Just be very careful not to be seen to be going outside your CoC.

    It may be that Cat B is a unit responsibility.

  8. Did he fail to tell you about the driver trainning camp that is run every year by the regiment. Normally held about June. Its your one stop shop for licences and B courses.

    Or is this a hunt for arrse members by the CO.
  9. The Driver training Camp was the only method mentioned. Unfortunately I am unable to attend due to taking time off work for other another long TA course at about the same time.

    I will of course follow my CoC. Thought mentioning that "I hear that there is a course running at .... would it be possible to be loaded onto it?"

  10. All TA driver training is done through Contract Driver Training/ Grantham for RLC but never Leconfield (or in house if you have a DLAI) . Your PSI/MTWO would have to apply to the local DELTA with a justification/ statement of requirement ect. Cant see a problem if you are in a Transport Regt, unless they dont like you??
  11. That is always possable. :)