casualty notafication

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gnilpik, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. As an Austalian in the british army I have wondered what the whole process would be like if "touch wood" something did happen to me whilst on operations.Given that I will be going soon, I have given this a lot of thought lately and have wondered what the the notafication procedure is like for familys of serviceman who live abroad.Can anybody please shed some light on this topic,cheers.
  2. Ask the Padre or the Families officer.... failing that one of your AGC bods will give you the best advice 'Bruce'. Good luck with your tour mate.
  3. I have done the Casualty Notification and Visiting Officer course. Basically 2 personnel go and inform your emergency contact. Within 24 hours a Casualty Visiting Officer will be nominated and contact your next of kin. They will then provide support for your family for as long as they require it.
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    In Australia?
  5. In Australia there is a casualty notification officer ( two to be exact that are on long look).
  6. Casualty notification for FCO NOK is handled via the Military Attaches at the repective High Commissions. Funeral parties are arranged as per in UK, local laws permitting, with appropriate amendments e.g. funeral party in Fiji wore No.6 dress.
  7. Nice one,cheers mate.