Casualties since World War 2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by yellowbelly, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Just hoping someone can help me out here. I seem to remember a few years ago, there was a piece of trivia which stated that since WW2 and present day, there had only been one year when no soldier (maybe included RAF & Navy) had been killed on active service. Seem to remember it was 1967 (ish!!) For research, would be grateful if anyone knew if this were true, and if it is on the web, even better.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Could be wrong but wasn't it 1968?
  3. Think you're right with 1968. Seen references to this fact a few times but can't find it with a quick bit of googling, need a more experienced googler!!
  4. 1968 it is. Aden had just finished and NI hadn't quite kicked off. The only year since 1945 when no British serviceman has been killed in action.
  5. 1968; and believe it or not recruiting figures fell!
  6. Many thanks. Can I just clarify, it was no Serviceman, not just Army?
  7. Knew I'd seen it somewhere - it's on wikepedia "1968 - The only year in the century when the British Army lost no soldiers in action." so it must be true :wink: I have read it elsewhere though so it is corroborated.

    As for whether it was just the Army or all 3 services, well as it is the only year that the UK armed forces were not on operations I think you can take it as no servicemen killed in action in 1968. Doubtless there were training accidents, air crashes etc though.

    Just as a thought, are accidental deaths commemorated at the NMA? If so does anyone know if there are any listed for 1968?
  8. I have always understood that; (no servicemen) to be the case.
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Not quite on subject so apologies if this annoys, but i recall reading Tony Geraghty's "Who Dares Wins", his SAS history. At the end, one of the appendices list members of THEM killed since 1945. IIRC one year in the 60's a trooper was killed in Ethiopea. Has it ever been revealed what was happening there?
  10. If my memory serves me:-
    There had only been two years (as of the 1980's), in its entire history, when the Army did not record a death on active service. The other was like three hundred years ago. :x
  11. According to the following taken from the Memorial website, if the accident occurred on duty -Yes included.

    "Who will be included on the memorial?
    In general, members of the UK Armed Forces killed on duty, or as a result of terrorist action since the end of the Second World War will be included. Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Merchant Navy who died in conflict zones while in direct support of the Armed Forces will also be included"

    If you are looking for someone in particular try searching by name or service number here to se if on the memorial.

    Roll of Honour
  12. it dates back to the formation of the full time army 1649 i think