Casual Game Chat Thread.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. I've started this so that the High Score Thread isn't clogged up, (and my high-scores aren't overlooked!) :)

    We can use this for organising Clan matches on MW2, Black Ops or any other game you're into.

    So, I'll go first. Anyone up for a game or three of MW2 tonight @ 2100?
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  2. I will be online. The other half is out, and I have beer to drink. Be prepared for appalling gameplay. I'm pretty sure my vision will vaguely resemble that of someone who has been hit by a permant stun grenade, so don't count on my to cover anyone - I'll probably be found knifing a bush repeatedly, convincing myself that its actually a ghillied quickscoper who's hacking.

    ...Actually I don't think I'll reach that point. I'll spend my lunch hour on 'reflex practice' websites and using my finger-gym set to increase my trigger pulling speed. That way I'll be like Rambo, and there won't be any stopping me!
  3. I've actually found that two or three pints actually helps my gameplay! So you never know, you could spend all night calling in AC130's, Chopper Gunners and Nukes!

    I think I really need to change my classes, particulary the Mini Uzi. Recently, they've been letting me down. I might just stick to the TAR-21.
  4. FAMAS + Holographic. It's all you'll ever need.
  5. I'll be on

    The scary 1 is in Dartmoor this weekend upsetting the anglers (kayaking).

    So despite the list of jobs to do I will get some gaming time in.

    Oh and the reason you improved AKT when I joined; im obviously a ******* bullet magnet =-D
  6. And a Predator Magnet, Harrier Magnet and Chopper Gunner magnet too? =-D
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  7. We could probably summarise by saying that anything that can kill you slowly/swiftly/painfully will no doubt divert it's course in mid-air and embed itself in Four's face.

    I once saw someone fire an RPG that actually went through my legs and land on Four who was on the other side of the map. He's that unlucky.

    ..Okay that didn't happen, but it would have been the best gaming moment ever.

    I'm listening to Серебряный Дождь Радио (Silver Rain FM) on radiotelek, and basically no songs are in Russian. It's all English! They're playing Diamonds are Forever now. Clearly the licenses for new music are too expensive.
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  8. I think that would be correct. I felt kind of bad once when me and Four were on Rundown. Someone launched a Predator and it was heading straight for me and him. I legged it inside, SCREW the BARS solidarity, saved my arse but poor Four was smashed into a gajillion pieces.
  9. Yes I am the team Jonah :)
  10. JUST A NOTE!



    As inspired by a couple of lads who had "SAS" as theirs.
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    anyone still playing MOH:AA or UTIII? Battlefield 2 or BC? Arma II?
  12. We were that ******* good last night, even the 12 year olds tried to change their Clan Tags to ours. =-D
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  13. I think I'll be on Black Ops for a portion of tonight. Only for a bit while I kick my mate's arse, then I might switch back to MW2 and get my arse kicked.
  14. I should be on around 7.30 or so perhaps earlier, cant stand MW2 anymore tbh...
  15. Were you on yesterday ??

    I swore you jumped into 1 of my training games