Castro, unlike his regime, takes a tumble...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Oct 22, 2004.

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  1. Democracy breaks out peacefully

  2. Communist party clings to power

  3. Civil war - ends in another dictatorship

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  4. Civil war - ends in US military intervention

  5. Civil war - ends in democracy

  6. Other - please specify in thread

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  1. El Viejo will never die. Anyway, we need him to piss the Yanks off in their own backyard. It's good for their souls. :D
  2. [​IMG]



    Viva Fidel!!! Patria o muerte Venceremos!

    Viva Senoritas CubanAs!!!!!


  3. SeñoritAS cubanOS? I don't know that much about Cuban ladyboys, but you've just given something very, very personal away, PTP!!!!! :lol:
    /lanugage nazi

    Stoatman, burning Cuba one cigar at a time...
  4. Cameron Diaz is a ladyboy? 8O 8O 8O

    There is nothing left to live for :cry:

    OkOk CUBANAS . :D
  5. That piccy looks like a photoshop - her face is completely white whilst her arms & shoulders are very bronzed. And those baps are a little large for Miss Diaz...,%20Cameron

    Anyway, back on topic - anyone see the footage of the conference or dinner or something in the 1960s where the CIA put LSD in Fidel's cigar, to try to make him do stupid excrement? He just became very profound and the press loved it - "As I always have say, I shall not live a day longer, than the day that I die" and other class phrases.

    Doesn't stop him from being in my Mass Murdering Marxist Hall of Fame, though....
  6. Why does anyone think Cuba will descend into Civil war , it's laid back to hell.

    Oh sorry , I forgot "Outside influence" Venezuela, Haiti , etc etc. :roll:

    The one thing I will regret , is Cuba will arrive with a bloody bang in the world , and there won;t be a gradual transition from where they are , to all of a sudden being invaded by people trying to re-mould Cuba in their image.

    It's unspoilt , and kind of ramshackle , it would be nice for it to retain some of it's 1950's time warp style , whilst bringing it's average GDP , health and transport infrastructures up to speed.

    Let's hope the incoming Democratic Cuban government can make it happen.

    And you're right Stoatman , actually that looks like Cindy Crawford or Denise Richard's rack :)

    Still, Miss Diaz has a mighty purdy mouth.

    Sack my cook :D
  7. A prime case for UN World Heritage Centre status, dusky maidens rolling gigantes on their bronzed thighs!! 'oo 'er missus!! :D
  8. Unspoilt? Don't know about that after the number of beggers after everything we had on the trips out. The folks seem pretty laid back and the line of succession to replace old Fidel is pretty solid. I don't see there being too much hassle when he does go unless the Yanks go and make it (again!). Th epeople have got too much too lose if the tourists get scared away.
  9. the trade embargo was a waste of time as it has achieved nothing and mad eno progress, it was only done because JFK had a bloody nose from the "bay of pigs " fiasco so had a wounded ego and needed to compensate by a stupid treade embargo when he is quite happy to trade with Russia and china both communist countries
  10. Why? - food crap or something? :D

    Heard today that Fidel had undergone an operation on his knee without a general anathestic so he could still run the country.

    Sooner him than me!! 8O
  11. I think the former applies to Fidel's knee, and knowing the state of Cuban healthcare funding, is probably accurate. Oh, wait, all these high powered marxists get private doctors to do everything! How stupid of me to forget! :roll:
  12. you forget the loud mouth hispanics in florida very influnetial politicaly
    would certainly mess up cuba given a chance castros regime better than the one he replaced .if the yanks hate castro so much why keep gutamno
    bay ?
  13. hmmmmm, this would seem to indicate that you know a great deal about Batista regime compared to the Castro regime! or maybe NOT.

    lets see, Batista, was a dictator , propped up by a global power, who killed and tortured anyone who raised their voice or complained.........and Castro is a dictator, propped up by a global power (and now maintained by the EU and all those lovely people in hollywood) who killed and tortured (sorry, kills, tortures and arrests) his opponents, whom have included but not been limited to: the Catholic Church, Trade Unions, teachers, doctors, professionals of any description, old military heads, journalist, workers who disagree with the goverrnment, etc.

    Difference between the two dictators: when Castro was first arrested for attempting to overthrow the government, he was tried and jailed. Obvioulsy he lived. Castro never made that mistake with his opponents - he just had them shot!