Castro and the Nazi's.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tuffy52, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. I don't think ideology had anything to do with it, on either side.

    South America was awash with Nazis and others who thought it best to stay away from Europe for a bit. Most S American governments had Germans training their armed forces or building them weapons (e.g. FMA IAe 33 Pulqui II ), and Castro will have encountered these instructors during his time there. Probably Castro was "lent" some advisers by his buddies on the mainland.
  2. Errr what about former NAZI's putting men on the moon?
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  3. They did just look at who ran the Yank space program
  4. 'Castro & The Nazis'? Didn't they support 'The Stranglers' on their '77 UK tour?
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  5. Nah, that was Imran Khan and the Drones.
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  6. The like button does not do justice to that one. I very nearly chortled audibly.
  7. Was Castro in Argentina in the 50's , or are you confusing him with his gopher and executioner " Che " Guevara ?
  8. He was certainly around in Columbia, Central America and Mexico.
  9. Motivation, was obviously to win- I wonder who an ultra-nationalist, right-wing, Holocaust denying political party was? This bearing in mind that in those days the berlin wall had just gone up. I wonder where the Belgian arms dealers got their "German sub machine guns" from? This smells very like a soviet funded posting.
  10. Castro sounds like an amateur. UK took in the whole Galician SS Division. Their cause championed by Richard Rapier Stokes MP (Lord Privy Seal) Mosley's mate. MI6 went in for a drop of falsifying death certificates (Horst Kopkow etc) to recruit nazis. And ex SOE gals like Sue Ryder, acting under charity cover for MI6, allegedly sent useful nazis to UK guised as refugees. Oswald Mosley was useful in giving a cause to hand govt a legislation excuse to make decisions about whether quasi military groups would be exempted prosecution. Handy after hostilities for someone wanting to bring in SS and arm them within UK ?? Good to see that a 3rd world dictator has taken lessons from perfidious albion though.

  11. Why would anyone want to bring and re-arm an eastern european SS division into the UK at the end of the war ?
  12. So Castro gets some of the most battle hardened ex WWII troops to train his forces, a good move. But ignores their advice, and ends up with troops that look nothing like their Hugo Boss tutors, and still resemble badly ironed Americans.
    What a waste.