Castleshort: Checklist for Journalists

I did not want to clutter up the main active thread with this.

For the benefit of any journalist looking into the Shortt Walting story a few pointers;

1) Actual Military Service: ARRSE says 7 months as a potential recruit with 21 SAS (V) before being discharged Service No Longer Required (and no time at all with 10 Para (V)).
2) Expert witness for 9/11 trial: ARRSE cannot find any mention of this.
3) Wearing British Parachute Wings: ARRSE cannot find any record of Shortt qualifying for the Para Wings he wears.
4) Papal Knighthoods: ARRSE cannot find any mention of Shortt receiving the Orders of St Gregory or St Sylvester.
5) The Barony of Castleshort: ARRSE notes that Shortt's method of acquiring the title has changed over the years from received to be endowed and then to confirmation by tanistry.

What are Shortt's answers to these?

Can anyone else come up with some more KEY questions to which they think journalists should seek answers?
Oh, for the record; most of the ARRSErs here that are critics of Shortt are either currently or have served with HM Forces. Nor are were ex-IBA or rival CP exponents despite what Shortt says/wishes/hopes.

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