castlemartin, any hope of mobile broadband?

Im off to wonderful castlemartin in a few weeks (joy). i have been there a few times before but not for at least 2 years.

I remember that finding a mobile signal out there was harder than winning the euro millions but i know that there was one network that seemed to be ok(ish) just cant remember which one.

if anyone knows which one it is and even better if you can get one of those mobile internet stick dongle things to work out there then i would love to know.

thank you in advance
If your in one of the messes, no chance.

If you're at the top of the hill in the block with the shitbags, then a Vodafone dongle will pick up a 2G signal.

Get down town and smash some growlers instead, last time I was there one of the lads pulled some fat minger in a supermarket carpark at about 18:00. She was a classy chick and after driving him to a quiet layby, insisted that he do her *********** so that he couldn't give her chlamydia.

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