Castlemartin....any good?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blonde_guy, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Chaps, off to this camp in the near future, so...

    What can I expect?

    are there any decent facilities such as a gym, decent NAAFI etc...


  2. Ha, haha, haha...stop it you are splitting my sides! Are you a professional comedian?
  3. not the last time I checked Cuddles, just not been able to find out much about said camp...
  4. Lat time I was there,the camp was full of Germans,with Leopard tanks!
  5. total shite mate!
  6. It used to be full of Royal Artillery blokes. Had a lovely old wooden NAAFI, very picturesque with a blonde barmaid. We used to hitch hike into Tenby for a weekend on the plonk. Mind you, that was all fifty odd years ago....dunno what it's like now. :D
  7. Very nice home made scones in the mess. It rains a lot, pleasant views, locals virtually unintelligible, it´s a long way from London, not a bad shoot. I hope this has been helpful.
  8. Dogshit

    does that answer your question
  9. Get yourself into "Paddles" in Pembroke Dock mate, the "Sin Bin" of South Wales. Thats all you need to know.
  10. The NAAFI is a bit newer, Tenby is great for a weekend on the pull & lash, Pembroke Dock is full of Slags, but the Pub's are shite.

    during the week its Dire.
  11. .........and 'bob-all' chance of getting a mobile phone signal,
    as the camp itself is in the arrse-end of no-where!

    O2, only worked smack bang in the middle of the POL point, much to the annoyance of the jumped up civvy prick '(ex-8th Bn The Sheepshaggers Formation Display Team or some other bollox') that 'manned the pumps!'
  12. Hmm, I think the barmaid's still there. :(
  13. Used to be able to catch the odd wave at Freshwater West just down the road, board hire available locally.

    Otherwise Tenby girls are always accommodating :D

  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    ACF annual camp?
  15. Tenby girls are more than accommodating, they raise slapperdom to a new height as an art-form! I still recall the "maiden" who dragged me behind the Nite-Owl for some outdoor runmpy. I surveyed the proposed area of operations and saw crates of ale, mixers and nowhere for a bit of conjugling. I asked her for her solution and she replied in broad Pembrokeshire..."Oh don't worry, what I usually does is drop me knickers, faces the wall with me hands braced (so) and they back-scuttles me..."

    Which is exactly what we did, for who am I to stand in the way of (by the look of her) apparently years of tradition?