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Casting Call #9/2020 - Blacksmith London area?


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I believe this thread is now at a point where its traditional to ask of the OP a certain question.
Go for it......and the answer is 'absolutely yes'......but in the silent wasteland that is Woolwich, there may be one soul qualified to do the job who thinks:

'Feckit....nothing to lose....let's give it a'll be a giggle'

Given that I have been posting Casting opportunities like a revenant of Hughie Green since 2012, the response so far comes as a less than zero surprise.

Do - or do not.
There is no 'Try'

Dr Death

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I'm currently identifying as a black, non gender lesbian gang bang cross dresser, disabled one armed one legged farrier - does that make me a shoe-in?
Never do yourself down & up the experience.

But seriously I do know of a farrier who might be interested?
Unless this is the job offer that was on Universal Extras the other day?


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So point him at it


Farriers ?

before making a simply sidesplitting Comment,please review any of the other 'Casting Call' Posts....
1) This is a genuine Work Opportunity
2) All the clever remarks about eg Fluffers, Luvvies and bizarre beret-shaping have already been made, long ago, by wittier people
3) If you are a Master Farrier ,based in Kentucky or Didgerbringabeah,South Australia you don't fit the bill.
4) If you once saw a horse being shod - see Note 3.

------------- ----------------------- begins --------------------- ------------------

Casting Call!

The Artist Book are looking for real and experienced blacksmiths to work on a major TV drama shooting near to London.

All ages, looks and ethnicities welcome to apply. PACT/FAA rates.

At this stage only those who can drive to set will be considered.

If you are already registered and skilled in this department please email with the subject line ‘Blacksmith’ and include your name and artist ID in the email.

------------------ ----------------------- ----------------------- ends -------------------- -------------------------
In your own time....go on.

Or Do Not.
There is no 'Try'.
Point of order: a farrier is not the same as a blacksmith. A blacksmith is a master of the forge and will make a variety of artefacts from a wrought-iron gate to a sword. A farrier, whilst having some basic metalworking skills to shape, form and size shoes is more adept at hoof-trimming and equine foot care.

The advert specifically requests blacksmiths and makes no mention of horses being involved.

Farriers are thus likely to be out of luck.

The winning applicants will no doubt be required to forge some woke shite from scrap as "art" for the cameras. The producers, in their haste to virtue signal their wokeness, will fail to notice that even modern gas forges burn fossil fuels and have a nice carbon footprint.
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@NSP Check the bold below.

see? You think you've covered every possible base and made yourself eejit proof...and then someone comes along to prove you wrong !

Good effort Loofkar - Beseder !

So I put it past the Production company and they are eager for you to turn out at sparrow's fart on Sunday morning.

Shooting base is a desolate site in darkest New Cross where you will be shoe-ing live on camera , something called Bernard.

He's an 18 hand Irish Draft horse, dark bay if I recall, and they tell me he can be a bit 'riggy'?

( This will mean more to you, as someone who lives and breathes all things equine, than me. I'm sure it will all go marvellously....good show, carry on that man.)
isnt the correct term BAMEsmith its so hard to keep up these days
Horse, you say? Do they supply the lube or should I bring my own?

Wouldn't want to hurt him.


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I had the honour to trot alongside the real 'Bernard' along Park Lane, this one bandcamp.

Bernard was just a plain FOB horse.....fortunately placid as an elderly Labrador.....but frankly, if he wanted to get away from the menacing plastic bag wafting down the road that (obvs) was gonna try and EAT HIM*, the best thing you could do was hang on.

Hurting him, if you had .555 Express elephant gun to hand, was theoretically possible. Fúck all else would stop him.

@NSP - to be fair, there is an ambiguity there. If I can get any clarity from Production I will re-post here.

* anyone who has ever ridden a horse will be familiar with the weird stuff at which SOME will spook like a crazed thing, given half a chance e.g 'Arrrrggghhh-it's a PIG!!!! Run away!!! Most horses are semi-insane all the a prey animal the 'Flight' response is at best barely controlled when they are out and about...always looking for the leopard which is about to eat them.....especially as you are crossing Hyde Park Corner (well, obvs) .


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( checks clock) ahhhhh...Brasso!



Book Reviewer
....some time later, in a dark alley....

@NSP - Huzza!

A vivid example of the old adage - never assume , it makes an ASS out of U + ME

Well done you - Thread Title amended accordingly .

Response from Production :

Hello Goatbloke *,

General metal work. Does this suit you? Do you have a POP I.D number?

Thank you,

The Artist Book - General Support Team

Adult & Children's Casting Agency
Supporting Featured & Background Roles

*[ is that really his name ? Plse speak, Ed.]

-------------------- ------------------- - ends - ---------------------------

Chaps - disregard all previous waffle re matters horsey.

They want a metal worker for some on-camera Smithing (General issue ).

Age, sex, skin shade, political persuasion, football club and left or right-handedness are invenereal.

If you think you have the skill set - it's worth registering with them as even if this call is missed, they will keep you on their books for a future occasion.

Do - or do not.
There is no 'TRY'......

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